Darkworld takes to!

With the next gen consoles offering an easier route for console gamers to start streaming, we’ve taken the plunge and set up the Darkworld Gaming Twitch channel!

Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers attracting around 45m gamers a month to broadcast, watch and chat about a huge number of games. Twitch is also adding new features all the time such as YouTube archiving of old streams and automatically produced notifications to linke services such as Twitter and Facebook when you go live.

Currently we have the main Darkworld Gaming Channel ( which we plan to use for first plays, review plays and group events such as Destiny strikes or Battlefield when multiple members are online.

We also have our team members setting up satellite channels for day-to-day game-play and community interaction with Manic_Bassist’s channel up and running as we speak ( and is often streaming most nights playing a range of games from Destiny, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Worms: Battleground

Edit: ThatGuyBrophers has now also taken the plunge and you can find him at

As with any new venture retweets, favourites and shares are hugely appreciated and we would love for you to join us when we hit the stream button and chat away as we make fools of ourselves playing various games!


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