A new warrior has entered Darkworld!

Hi Guys

Want to say thanks for the warm welcome to the Darkworld gaming, and hopefully that i can bring some good content and make you guys proud. Here’s a little run down….


My tag is C4IQ (which stands for Explosive Intelligence)

About 3/4 year ago i started a youtube channel and named it MashOnPad, where i would upload fighting game combo video’s and match footage. over time MashOnPad (MOP) Has turn into a very small brand.

Now days we do podcasts, run tournaments and make clothing apparel.

Within fighting games players that belong to a team will put there team name before there tag e.g. MOP|C4IQ

I’m Heavily into Fighting Games Community (FGC) and run and enter tournaments. As the pool of fighting games is so vast and varied there are some fighting games you want see me cover. for the most part 2D games is my specialty, more specific Capcom and Arc System (also known as Anime Games). I love Comics and that also is apparent in the games i play like picking up injustice -gods amongst us- (i couldn’t resist and needed to fight as The Flash) and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 where i found one of my favorite Marvel Characters “The Immortal” Iron Fist.

But due to how bad the character is in game it was hard to find successes with him……… Yeah some characters arn’t as good as others and some character struggle fighting certain characters. That what we would call and Bad Match Up.

But that’s its for now guys i don’t wanna throw you into the deep end of the FGC and confuse with all the lingo, so ill sign off on that note.


Thanks Interwebbers.



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