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FNF: Season 2, Weeks 5 & 6… Ooops

Hello again all, looks like there has been a bit of a mix up here at Darkworld Gaming. I’m not sure if it was lost during our recent migration to a new server here at DWG, or if I simply wasn’t able to post it because of the migration, but the write up for FNF Season 2 Week 5 seems to have gone walkies, as has week 2.

So today I’ll write what I can about Week 5, luckily the results are saved on Challonge.com! But there is quite a lot to write about for week 6 which I promised MOP|C4IQ I’d cover for reasons you’ll soon find out…

Week 5 was a bit frustrating for me, its typical that after I’d written about the growing numbers in Week 4’s write up the day before, we’d have a poor turn out in Week 5 – mostly due to a few regulars having legitimate reasons they couldn’t make it though.

Week 5 did see something special though, it wasn’t planned, I was tired a bit grumpy, so didn’t fancy playing properly… As we’ve found in recent weeks my Gouken sucks against Ryu players. It doesn’t seem to matter how good they are, people I can easily beat normally with other characters, for whatever reason, I seem unable to beat when they play Ryu vs my Gouken. SonGoPaul seemingly has given up on learning Rufus, and has gone back to Ryu. While Kinneas had been practicing FADC combos during the week and had been using Ryu for that, so he was playing Ryu as well.

Not fancying that, while knowing I should probably play them to learn the match up, I decided to try something else out, instead of going back to Juri I was feeling daring and played my still very raw Decapre for the night. And did surprisingly well – I think Week 5 saw the potential premiere of a new main?!

Due to low numbers and some of the people who did turn up having to leave early for evening shifts at their respective jobs, unfortunately SkullGirls only saw 3 people enter, so we just did a round robin for that.

Anyway onto the week 5 Results:

USF4 Top 4:

  1. Kinneas (Ryu)
  2. DW|Kuniku (Decapre)
  3. SonGoPaul (Ryu)
  4. Devon (Ibuki)


SkullGirls Top 3:

  1. DW|Kuniku
  2. Kinneas
  3. SonGoPaul


Week 6 was a biggie though. Numbers picked up again as the regulars missing from the previous week had returned, including MOP|C4IQ and SFO|AVG who both brought along their growing rivalry and the hype that it brings!

Numbers were also slightly boosted by my best man (Xkw1z!t) and my sister both making a random appearance – which is always good!

The USF4 bracket was set up, shuffled and started. A few fairly standard battles were to start us off, including the ever fun sibling battle between my sister and I (she doesn’t play fighting games though…) But interestingly was the MOP|C4IQ and SFO|AVG battle, the preview of the inevitable final. AVG was being his usual cocky self, talking up the hype, but straight away we could see he was being more serious, as he went straight to his Cammy main, rather than toying around with alts etc. Was quite close, but C4 sent AVG down to losers straight away.

I messed up too many inputs, dropped combos and missed easy ultra opportunities in my second round battle with Kinneas’ Ryu and lost 2-1 to be sent to Losers myself.

My best man Xk1z!t surprised a few people by mashing enough fierce DPs with Ken to beat Devon, while Xtreme Gaming’s very own Starbuck gave my brother Xerte a run for his money and only narrowly lost himself – showing some great improvement in the process.

In the third round Kinneas quite easily beat Xkw1z!t, and MOP|C4IQ didn’t even break a sweat dispatching Xerte’s Rolento.

Winners Final saw MOP|C4IQ face off with Kinneas, Kinneas showed some improvement with his Ryu, and kept the matches fairly close, but eventually lost 3-1.

Onto the Losers bracket we went. SFO|AVG quite easily beat Starbuck, but was making sure to teach Starbuck a thing or two while doing it, so we should expect more improvement from him this week! I had some fun games with Devon, again teaching him a few bits and bobs while beating him 2-0 as well.

This is where the hilarity REALLY got going. SFO|AVG faced off against Xkw1z!t’s very unpredictable Ken, while this should’ve been a very free match up AVG was caught by far more random fierce DPs than he should have, and even lost a round to a random wake up ultra! But along with all the shouting and disbelief, AVG did pull out a fairly convincing win to advance to the Losers Semi Finals. While I then fought my brother for the next spot in said Semis.

We’d done a few casual games before the tournament started and I’d turned my Rolento issues around and seemingly had it going from the 7:3 match up against me to a 6.5:3.5 match up in my favour. Yet in the tournament my execution went to pot, and missed anti air DMC inputs meant instead of winning matches in glorious fashion, I’d eat that nasty Rolento overhead and the following Ultra that combos from it. It came down to the wire, but I unfortunately messed up one too many inputs, or dropped one too many combos and lost 2-1.

My brothers Rolento gimmicks weren’t fooling SFO|AVG for a second, and he was pretty much bodied in AVG’s loud and cocky fashion, which left only a few matches left. Next up was the Losers Final, SFO|AVG vs Kinneas. I didn’t actually get to see this one unfortunately, as I was having to sort the start of Skull Girls out. But AVG beat Kinneas 3-0.

So it returned, the predicted and previewed Grand Final between MOP|C4IQ and SFO|AVG. AVG was full of very loud confidence, which caused many laughs, not only was he going to reset the bracket, but he was going to win this week’s tournament. C4 was amused but not deterred, and thus the banter began. Both players soon started going back and forth, both in game and out of game, punches and kicks being exchanged as readily as the quips in the real world.

It soon became apparent that AVG’s Cammy had the upper hand while she had meter to spend, and C4 soon clocked that one she ran out of meter, she was free game for the wrath of his Bison. This often led AVG to get really cocky in every round as he took an early lead, but C4 would give it as good as he got as soon as Cammy ran out of meter and the word “free” started being thrown around…

After SFO|AVG lost the first game, he wanted to make a wager, if he won MOP|C4IQ had to go back to his to run some casuals after the tournament, I think he mentioned something about a monitor…?

The Battles got crazier, as taunts started getting added into the mix and the Banter got louder and funnier, as this turned into one of the funniest games of Street Fighter I’ve watched. But as before every round was ultimately the same, AVG would take an early lead, get cocky and then once he’d run out of meter C4’s Bison would clean up and end up with the win. 3-0 to MOP|C4IQ.

It really made Skull Girls seem rather uneventful in the end…

Week 6 Results:

USF4 Top 4:

  1. MOP|C4IQ
  2. SFO|AVG
  3. Kinneas
  4. Xerte

SkullGirls Top 4:

  1. Kinneas
  2. DW|Kuniku
  3. Xerte
  4. Xkw1z!t


And because the Week 2 post was missing too, the Week 2 results until I can figure out where it went are:

USF4 Top 4:

  1. MOP|C4IQ
  2. Luna
  3. Kinneas
  4. SonGoPaul

Skull Girls Top 4:

  1. MOP|C4IQ
  2. DW|Kuniku
  3. Samiam
  4. Kinneas

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