Incoming Until Dawn Details…

Hi guys, so today I’m bringing you Until Dawn, a 3rd person Survival horror game which puts the players in the roles of 8 friends. Until Dawn was originally meant to be out for the PS3 way back and literally disappeared of the radar only to be brought back last year, with some very awesome and surprise changes which im sure most of the geeks of the survival horror world are going to love. The phenomenal Supermassive games are the team behind the game which judging by what I’ve seen so far easily makes it the TOP game of the year in my opinion…Why I hear you ask ? Well for one check out this demo below.

I’ve watched that trailer far too many times now… Now those of you who know your stuff on films and TV may recognise the character in the gameplay demo, it is in fact Hayden Panettiere from TV shows like Hero’s, Nashville and also from films like Scream 4 etc. Now this is really one of the reasons behind my decision why this is going to be game of the year…. Let’s be fair you got Hayden Panettiere running around in a towel being chased by a homicidal freak show. Who in the world of male video gamers is going to kill her off? (I Didn’t think so.) Now the biggest question is…

WHEN IS IT OUT?  Until Dawn is still not out even though more and more demo’s and gameplay footage keep emerging, now I wouldn’t like to say in case I’m wrong (Something that happens way to often)  HOWEVER, I will hazard a guess and say around middle/end of March…(Hoping so) But we shall see. What Players seem to be criticising the game about is the likeness it seems to have Quantic Dreams Heavy rain. Now I have 2 words for those people…SCREW YOU. Your not real horror fans, if that is your honest opinion on the game, quite frankly Heavy Rain was a brilliant game and mixing an American slasher film and Heavy Rain into one game is pure genius and to add in the amazing acting vocals and performances from current in actors/actresses I personally think Until Dawn will be if not a huge contender IF it is done right, but as it stands from what I’m seeing it looks incredible and I’m sure it will get brilliant reactions upon release.

What I also can’t wait to find out about is the story surrounding the game, so far we know that Hayden AKA Samantha and her gang of gullible and innocent friends are at a mountain retreat celebrating the anniversary of a friends death when they are hunted down by a deranged serial killer wearing a clown mask.

Freaky right? Well not much is known other wise about him, I’ve heard people say they think he is related to a member of the gang, that he may be some evil demon, or perhaps it might just be a Halloween Fanatic who doesn’t know that Halloween is not for a few months yet, who knows…But i think he will definitely be a killer of an opponent to take on and quite frankly I cant wait for it, Super Massive Games have also said that the game can have hundreds of different endings, with players needing to make quick life dependant decisions to save the player, even the smaller ones can impact the game and who lives and dies, all of it is up to you. If that isn’t enough the game seems to have taken a leaf out of the Saw film franchise, other trailers I have seen show other characters being strapped to a chair in a dark room with razor blades descending with the player being given the choice to either kill himself kill his lady friend OR they both die when the blades saw their heads in two…grim stuff.

Now for Sony (they are publishing the game) We need details, when is Until Dawn going to be officially launched? with that said it is already in stores with coming soon so I’m guessing not long and going on what I have previously said I truly hope for my own sanity that Until Dawn will be brought to us ASAP.

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