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FNF: Season 2, Week 4

We’re now a quarter of the way through our second season of Friday Night Fights. And I’m glad to say it looks like numbers are slowly, but steadily, increasing again. More numbers means a wider range of player skills, from total beginners to high level players – it’s always good to have more competition, more varied competition and more character match ups to play against.

Fingers crossed we get back to the numbers we hit half way through last season and continue to grow from there.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 saw some interesting fights. I started off disappointingly with the first round, my Gouken ever struggling in the Ryu match up, I decided to stick to my guns as I can’t learn the match up if I always swap to a more favourable character. (Not to mention said character hadn’t been played in almost 2 months…). So I was knocked into losers bracket by SonGoPaul’s Ryu – I was hoping he’d stick to his recent Rufus change, but was not so lucky. Unfortunately as we had to run timings quite tight this week I didn’t get to watch many other matches, but from the start the interesting point of the bracket was that MOP|C4IQ was on one side of the bracket and SFO|AVG was on the other – so the two of them tore through to meet in the winners finals.

I’d meet Kinneas in the first round of the losers bracket, his Adon was on form, and made for a very tense match, but I barely managed to come through the winner.  Up next was Starbuck, owner of the venue Xtreme Gaming, another Ryu player. Luckily I’d already seen that if I won this I’d likely be up against SonGoPaul again – So thought I’d use it as a chance to get some quick Juri practice in ready for SonGoPaul. The first few rounds were sloppy, but I got through it and indeed was ready for my next Ryu opponent. Was closer than I’d have liked, but just showed how sloppy my Juri has become since I’ve switched to Gouken.

As expected MOP|C4IQ faced off against SFO|AVG in the winners finals, SFO|AVG got a bit cocky and was mixing up his character choices, while MOP|C4IQ went straight to his Bison. This meant I was up against SFO|AVG in the losers final. While, rather encouragingly, I took a few rounds off of him, he did beat me easily 3-0 and went straight back up into the Grand Finals against MOP|C4IQ. This soon turned into the battle of the mains, C4’s Bison, vs SFO|AVG’s Cammy, started off quite close, and wasn’t easy for SFO|AVG to reset the bracket, but he managed it and eventually came out with the win for the second week in a row.


USF4 Top 4:

  1. SFO|AVG (Cammy, E.Ryu, Yun, Ryu)
  2. MOP|C4IQ (Bison, Juri)
  3. DW|Kuniku (Gouken, Juri)
  4. SonGoPaul (Ryu)


Because of time constraints we’d started the Skull Girls tournament as soon as we had players free from the USF4 tournament (which is why I missed watching a lot of the USF4 games!). Was a nice change to see some slightly different characters this week, instead of JUST Valentine. Facing off against SonGoPaul’s Cerebella was a lot of fun, as I’m still learning that match up and he’s improved since last week, when we met again in the losers Finals he decided to add a second character like most others had been playing and went with Parasoul who I had zero match up knowledge with!

Ultimately it came down to the Grand Final. Once again it was Kinneas from Winners and myself up from Losers. Having fought earlier I’ve started to find that while I like Filia, she just doesn’t seem to do well against Valentine. So, as much as I hated myself for doing it, I dropped the second character and just went with Valentine, so the Grand Final was just a straight up Valentine face off.

It was crazy close, I found I was doing more damage with just the one character, but I couldn’t swap out and play defensive to regen red health the same way. Every fight came down to the last few seconds of the last round, and I was one dropped combo away from resetting the bracket, but unfortunately it cost me, and the time out at the end of the 3rd round of the 5th fight left me with the lower health remaining making Kinneas our Skull Girls winner for Week 4.

Skull Girls Top 4:

  1. Kinneas (Valentine)
  2. DW|Kuniku (Filia, Valentine)
  3. SonGoPaul (Cerebella, Parasoul)
  4. Devon (Valentine, Painwheel, Ms Fortune)


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