Resident Evil: Remastered

Hey guys, today I bring you Resident Evil Remastered, the game is across multi-platforms and is the THIRD version of the same game, the original being released way back in March 22nd 1996. Now resident evil is a classic no questions asked, it is the god father to survival horror, and the original to this day still scares me along with Resident Evil 2 and even Nemesis. Now I’m a huge fan of the series and I must say I never actually got round to playing March 2002 Remake of the game; HOWEVER I did see plenty about it and videos etc. Now Capcom have done it again, releasing Resident Evil Remastered for PS4 and XBOX 1 customers along with the last gen consoles.

So what’s new? Well thankfully virtually nothing is different only the obvious one, Graphics and mechanics, the graphics are absolutely stunning and freaky as hell, I find the nostalgic situation of walking down the corridor with flashing lights from the thunder outside flooding the cool tranquil room…then out of nowhere the glass smashes and everything panics as a four legged monster stares at you before you are forced to off load a clip of bullets into its head. The game sticks true to it’s origins, with altered controls for the newer generation but you can toggle between the two quite freely for the old style play settings. Otherwise nothing seems to have changed much, the mansion is creepier than ever and the denizens awaiting you are more freakish then before.

Another little detail so far I’m loving is players can actually play as Jill Valentine and Chris Refeild in the original outfits but also have the choice to play them in their BSAA unfiroms which they wear in the fifth instalment of the games series.

So that’s for the good points, now for the bad or should I say minimal points, remembering it is only a remake of a classic but here we go so the first is the Dodgy voice acting, with it being remastered and the graphics looking stunning I was taken aback that the dialogue is still pretty vague and blocky with some places it’s comical to hear, some of Barry’s voice acting is hilarious especially when he is surprised there are too many examples to name hear BUT I will let Capcom off due to the fact that it is a brilliant game to have on PS4.
The only other issue with the characters is they could have been remastered with a little bit more detail, considering it is next gen I was hoping for sweat drops, swaying hair the works, sadly not but again it can be overlooked…and possible my biggest upset with the remake is like with the game cube edition you could play as Jill’s Nemesis outfit (The best outfit for a video heroine ever) WHYYYY! Capcom why?
So regardless of everything; is Resident evil worth buying or is it worth keeping the GameCube version or the original? And my answer for you is YES! For £15.99 Resident Evil Remastered is a bargain, even for newbie’s to the genre or franchise I’m glad Capcom have released this because hopefully the new generation will realize that Resident Evil was once the king of the survival horror franchise and not the run gunning action massacre’s the newer ones are.

And on this final note I give this game a cool 8.5 / 10

And I hope new generations of gamers will play this and understand why most of us love the franchise and here’s to hoping Capcom will continue on this path (praying they Re-release RE 2 and screw it why not Nemesis) and pray that Revelations 2 will be as good if not better then this.

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