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FNF: Season 2, Week 3

I’ll start off by apologising that this week’s write up is nearly a week late, Brophers and I attended a VIP event for the new Resident Evil event and planning for that took up most of my early weeks spare time.

Week 3 of Season 2 is now behind us, seeing the same numbers as last week, but with some different faces, which shows signs that we could be about to have another little growth spurt and get our numbers up a bit – new faces are always welcome at Friday Night Fights!

We switched it round a bit this week, we did the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament first, and then the Skull Girls. I’ll admit I had been hopeful of risking a thought I might do a bit better than normal this week, seeing as MOP|C4IQ had said he couldn’t make it and Luna having been a bit hit or miss with turning up this Season, I thought I might stand a chance, as fights are often close between myself and Kinneas. But it was not to be….

SFO|AVG (Scotty) turned up again this week, being the winner of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 launch event last year, he is a formidable Cammy player and would certainly be a hurdle to bypass!

Unfortunately my downfall this week would be my Brother’s Rolento, he’d figured out how to counter my Gouken – which was mostly just finally taking everyones advice and switching Ultras combined with finally using the pogo attack for ambiguous cross ups. So other than some casuals I didn’t get to test my mettle against SFO|AVG this week. But did finally manage to overcome Kinneas’ nasty combination of Chun-Li and Adon which was good.

USF4 Top 4:

  1. SFO|AVG (Cammy, E.Ryu, Sagat, Yun) – he was messing around with a few characters…
  2. Xerte (Rolento)
  3. DW|Kuniku (Gouken)
  4. Kinneas (Chun-Li, Adon)

SkullGirls is getting more interesting each week as people are starting to get the hang of the game, and unlike some of the Street Fighter fights, most of the games are very close, often coming down to the wire. SFO|AVG had not played the game before, but started off eager to give it a try – which was good to see, but soon got frustrated that he wasn’t winning like he generally was in USF4. As always my brother and I had some very close fights as well. Some of the newer players to fighting games in general were also holding their own very well in SkullGirls.

SkullGirls Top 4:

  1. Kinneas (Valentine)
  2. DW|Kuniku (Filia, Valentine)
  3. Xerte (Valentine)
  4. SFO|AVG (Cerebella)


Tonight sees us into Week 4 of Season 2, one third of the way through with still plenty to play for!

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