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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Capcom Event

This week saw me and Kuniku going to the VIP event for the release of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 thanks to Capcom. This is a series I have followed since the original release and to say that I was excited would have been a massive understatement. We first entered the room it was being held in and were greeted with a room full of Xbox’s and Playstation’s all hooked up and ready to play. After a short introduction from Neil Gorton the guests were let free to enjoy all that was on offer.There were some great cosplayers who came down to the event who just added to the feel of the evening. the effort that each of them put in was fantastic. It is always great to see true fans getting so involved with something they love like this. There is nothing like when an event turns into a good old dance party.

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It wasn’t long before a couple of beers had been sunk and it was time to go and test out this great new game. We had the opportunity to play both the story and raid modes. I chose to take on the raid first off and even sitting down and taking up the controller I could feel the adrenaline build. I took on the role of Claire and was put straight back into gameplay that I loved. The feeling of Resident Evil 4 was strong and the controllers were simple to pick up. With Raid mode you work your way through each level picking off infected abominations starting at level 1 and increasing in difficulty as you go. Each round you aim to kill a certain amount of enemies to gain level keys to progress. Conserving ammo is something I learnt to do quickly. There are multiple chests and ammo boxes around but it is not plentiful so you will need to make the shots count.  When shooting enemies depending on the location of the shot will determine the amount of health that is removed. So for the basic enemies the head shots are always a good choice. Like previous games you can perform physical moves to take out enemies quickly when they are stunned (again conserving on ammo). This was very useful when in a tight place with multiple enemies around you. While progressing through each round you will earn currency and find unlocks which you can use in the safe house at the end of each round. Here you can purchase new weapons, ammo, herbs and throwable munitions (shamefully I didn’t actually use these as much as I should have). It’s been a while since I played a mode in a game like this where I felt tense and wary of the surroundings,  I was fully engrossed and would have happily spent the rest of the evening in this survival bubble but after a few rounds I decided it was time to move on.


Then it was onto the story mode. As I said previously the Resident Evil is a series that I have always been very passionate about from the first moment i entered that old mansion from hell. Personally for me I have yet to see a bad game in the series, there have been a couple I have been less fond of but each has had its own mark and left it beautifully in the gaming industry. Even Resident Evil 6 for all the complaints I have read for me was a brilliant game, it was a chance taken to move in another direction and it worked. I much prefer the survival horror aspect of the earlier games but the way Capcom has always kept the story flowing and bringing characters back through the series is something other games just don’t seem to pull of the same. Now with the mention of returning characters a much-loved and missed favourite is making a return, good old Colt Python wielding Barry Burton, I have been praying for his return since the small mention he had at the end of Resident Evil 3. I only played a small amount of the story to get the feel of what Capcom was looking bring to the next title.  The game opens up in perfect style to the series, full of confusion for the main character and hell breaking out all around. Starting off in a cell with no weapons and knowing inside that things are going to go south very fast. Not long after you escape you find Moira and decide to escape the location you find yourself in. Already at this point I found my palms sweating and my heart racing. As you walk around everything around you looks beautifully disturbing. The place is trashed, blood is everywhere strange and scary sounds make you jump at every door and window you walk past. Soon I was able to find a knife and suddenly felt a lot more secure (that knife has saved me in many of the titles, never knock it). It wasn’t long until the first attack happened and everything fell into place, the fear was truly back and I was pinned slashing madly at some abomination. I moved on swiftly and cautiously to the hear a screaming in the distance, knowing trouble was coming I pursued eventually seeing a women running for her life from the same type of abomination I had previously slain. After a small chase a rather bloodied and dying women walks around the corner and dies in front of me. Again this series brings loss of life and makes you feel and wish you could have done more. I will leave the story there as I do not want to ruin anything for you but like the raid mode the controls are simple to get used to and feel very comfortable, the gameplay worked perfectly and had everything that made Resident Evil 4 great with the fear and emotions of the original survival horror style. For all fans of the series this is going to be a game that you will love and want to play through again and again. If you had any previous doubts then lose them, this is everything you hoped for.


After our play test we had the honour of meeting two very amazing people, Michiteru Okabe, the Producer of this game and Matt Walker who is Production Manager. Shamefully we didn’t get as much time to talk to Michiteru but we had a great chat and laugh with Matt and also got the awesome photo below. Matt is a man who is truly passionate about what he does, talking to him about the series was actually one of my highlights for the evening, had a serious geek out about the games and also some the classic quotes from Resident Evil 1. We all remember the Jill Sandwich and Barry holding up his Python to Jill and going “I have this!”. This really opened my eyes in a new way to the work and love that goes into game development, the passion these people have is out of this world. I couldn’t resist but ask Matt that after the success of the Resident Evil Remake on current gen would there be a chance of a remake of Resident Evil 2 and 3. The response I got was hopeful ” if we wanted a remake, we need to voice it loud to the bosses”. Now that is a real difference in what I expected but it seems like Capcom truly appreciates feedback and hearing what players want. All in all the event could not have gone better, I came away feeling I learnt a lot about the game and the people behind it who don’t always seem to get as much recognition as they should for all the work they put in to bring out these titles.

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