The Evil Within – A Reader Review

We have received another review from one of our readers. This time it is from Mikey who is working at Devil Inc Studios (You might have heard about them). So have a read and let us know your thoughts! We are really loving how involved you are all getting in this. Keep them coming you lovely bunch!


The Evil Within review.
By Mikey Cahill


So, The Evil Within is a brand new multi-platform survival horror game for 2014, developed by Tango Game works and released by Bethesda Softworks. The Player takes on the role of Sebastian Castellanos, a veteran police detective who along with Joseph Oda and Juli Kidman are sent to investigate a horrific murder scene at Beacon mental hospital. From there it goes all pair shaped and quite frankly the crap does hit the fan, as they crash and Sebastian finds himself alone and stranded at the crash site with weird dead people hunting him down.

The Evil Within is a next gen attempt at a new kind of survival horror, quite frankly I’m surprised I’ve survived to play it this long, my brain is still unsure of where or what the hell is in fact actually going on. The game in my opinion is a cross between Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but minus the enthralling storyline. Players can be one minute running around a ward, before zapping off to a church to then fading into a sewer or something, the game very quickly looses itself.

Above is the trailer for the game with which was also seen on TV, the trailer is by all means brilliant, the way it was done with no in game graphics or footage was a very creative way to showcase the game, the trailer shows two bosses, the metal headed safe man, and the blood drenched demon girl (My favourite one too.) And with the pleasant yet eerily spooky violin music in the background the trailer really does deliver the goods in terms of the games feel and goal. HOWEVER playing the game I was left very disappointed, the two bosses mentioned above, had mediocre battles and actually I can’t even remember how I killed the safe man.

The graphics for the game although are as top notch as they come, I especially love the way you can see the shadows so clearly of the enemies and actually use those shadows to your advantage when sneaking and distracting the enemies. The Evil Within, if you are very sick minded individual like myself is visually stunning and the grotesque and vulgar environments are detailed to the finest quality, the lighting throughout the game really sets a gloomy mood for the player, the lantern Sebastian has works well and illuminates enough to see but not enough to make the game an easy ride.
Another very attractive quality to the game is the inventive yet quite distracting saving system, the player is required to travel through a broken mirror to a waiting room where here the player can save in a dairy, level up, or unlock extra goodies using keys acquired throughout the game…although the saving method is creative, one thing I physically detested was the silly amount of time it took to level Sebastian up, having to sit in a chair and level him up, was tedious, boring and off putting to the story in my opinion, the whole system is a very unnecessary system, although I see where they may have been coming from, the creative aspect of it is there, I just don’t think it needed to be so far out of the game itself.

I think my biggest gripe with the game is Sebastian himself, he is essentially characterless, I still haven’t completed it but where I am at it is still a mystery, what the hell is going on? Who is the Leslie Kid running around and the white robed ghoul thing, and why the hell do all these people like to listen to violin music? SERIOUSLY! Why violin music? Anyway Sebastian is a bore, his side kick Joseph Oda is actually my favourite character, and he isn’t in it much (says a lot about Sebastian.) but I don’t feel ANYTHING towards him, nothing, NADA! His character is less memorable then Paris Hilton’s acting career; with all that being said however he possesses probably my favourite weapon in a game to date…The Agony Crossbow.
The Agony Crossbow is AWESOME, creating fire bolts, ice bolts, shock bolts, stun bolts and the good old harpoon bolts, it is the ultimate undead slaying weapon and I love it, it’s great crafting bolts from trap parts and other mechanical goods to create a bolt which essentially can kill or aid the killing of a single enemy so well done to you guys for that little slice of paradise.
Now back on track with many horror games coming out this year (a personal favourite is Until Dawn.) it is a tough genre for people to develop games in, Indie games like Outlast (Which for the record scared the living hell out of me.) and the latest P.T demo it is a tough area to overcome, and quite honestly my honest opinion is that The Evil Within is a mediocre attempt at a decent game, the trailer really did overrate the game and it’s a shame because the game is in essence a good game, the story line gets muddled and is quite unclear at times and combat is at times a nightmare but with interesting bosses and the amazing Agony Crossbow makes it a good game if you have a spare twenty pound laying around (I bought it in the January sale, thank god.)

The Evil Within from me gets a medium score of… 6/10


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