Snowmageddon – First Thoughts

Devils Inc

Our friends over at Devils Inc Studios have recently announced their first release, a web based snowman smashing game called Snowmageddon. The plot of the title is simple. survive the waves of snowmen who are trying to destroy “The Mystical Star of Dreams”.  The game is fun to play and is definitely one the kids will enjoy (Mine certainly have).


This game is strangely addictive and you will find yourself determined to beat the scores and hit higher waves (Mark from Devils Inc is currently hitting wave 21 with no perks). As the waves go on you will be able to get better weapons and perks and also add new towers to the maps to assist in your defence. We all seem very hyped for the big titles these days but there is a massive increase in the indie market and 2015 is looking to be a good year for these smaller developers which personally I think is amazing.  We are really happy to see the first release from these guys and also look forward to seeing what else they have coming out in the future.


We are urging you all to go and give it a try, if you enjoy fun and simple competitive games or have kids then this really will be worth trying out. You can find a link to the game over at the company homepage Devils Inc Studios started out in March 2013 between two Game Design Students at Train2Game (Mark Plant and Shaun Steer). Since the first meeting the company has grown and recruited a talented team who have a strong love for old school gaming. So we ask you to show them as much love as possible and help them grow into something amazing.


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