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FNF: Season 2, Week 1 – Introducing Skull Girls!

Welcome to our new feature – a regular write up of each Friday Night Fights event. I had planned to start this feature with a write up on “The Last Round” our end of Season 1 final event, but as it was right before Christmas everyone, including myself, were very busy and it fell by the wayside…

I’ll start out with a quick shout out to our main sponsors, Mad Catz UK, our host Xtreme Gaming, and to Capcom UK and Lab Zero Games for their support as well!

But Season 2 is now upon us! Season 1 saw some great success, it was my first time running a gaming event, let alone a regular gaming event, and Xtreme Gaming’s first regular Fighting Game Community event to boot. A lot was learned over the season, and we built up a nice group of regular players from a wide range of abilities.

With Season 2 the points are reset and we’ve added a new guest game to the roster alongside Ultra Street Fighter 4. We had a suggestions thread on our facebook page, some game suggestions weren’t feasible as they’re no longer available (UMVC3) but we ended up with a shortlist of games that people seemed keen on, so with a short time frame I had to see what I could get my hands on – enquiries were made. Luckily Lab Zero Games got back to me and were incredibly helpful and we can proudly say that Skull Girls is our guest game for Season 2!

The first week of Season 2 is now past, and although we had a disappointing turn out, it did make things a little easier for me to figure out how best to run two tournaments – and I think its going to make things much trickier from an organisation stand point! But we got it working!

We started off with Skull Girls, and jumped straight into it. What makes Skull Girls a good choice for a second game is how different it is from Street Fighter, and that none of our regulars really play it, means that the games were generally very close throughout the tournament. most coming down to the last pixels of health in the last round.

For people coming in future weeks be prepared for lots of hard fought battles against Valentine! She was the most used character by far!

Skull Girls Top 3:

  1. MOP|C4IQ
  2. DW|Kuniku
  3. Xerte

Due to the low numbers it was actually much easier to run one tournament then the other, so with Skull Girls finished we moved straight on to the more familiar grounds of USF4, and it was interesting to see a few new characters, it seems I wasn’t the only person making a character move coming into the new Season.

I have pretty much moved to Gouken full time (although I did my first fight as Hakan because the people wanted it), MOP|C4IQ is still trying to move away from his Bison, and spent most of the tournament playing Juri (Still my character!) while Kinneas (hope I’ve spelt that correctly!) made the shock change to Adon!

Kinneas’ Adon really threw people off, so much so that in the first round he sent MOP|C4IQ into the losers bracket! Winners final was my Gouken vs Kinneas’ Adon, I took an early lead, but Kinneas adapted well to my ‘Lame’ style of Gouken and managed to even things up, it went down to the last round and pretty much to the last pixels as well, but Kinneas narrowly sent me to the Losers Final where I would face off against MOP|C4IQ

I’d been practicing my Gouken against MOP|C4IQ quite a bit over recent weeks, so he was well prepared for me, I found it much harder ‘Laming’ his Juri out, but while he took an early 2-0 lead fairly easily, I started to adapt, pulled back a game and nearly a second before bowing out of the Tournament, taking Third place.

This left Grand Finals as Kinneas from Winners and MOP|C4IQ from Losers, as we were close to running over time MOP|C4IQ decided to go with Bison, just because we needed things to be a little faster than they would if he were to try and win 6 Games ‘Laming’ Kinneas’ Adon out with Juri. His Bison is still insane though, and seemed to breeze through Kinneas’ Adon, resetting the bracket and eventually winning 6-0!


USF4 Top 3:

  1. MOP|C4IQ
  2. Kinneas
  3. DW|Kuniku


Thats all for this week, keep an eye out for next weeks write up!

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