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Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker

Well Nintendo certainly know how to make people happy. While playing the recent Toad mini games in the 3D Mario Land world, I turned to Kuniku and said that I hoped they would bring out a game of the puzzles because that would be a really cool idea. A year later and magic happens. It’s certainly the game I was expecting and more.

Of course a game filled with mini puzzles where you find coins and treasure sounds like fun, but how were Nintendo going to make it more than that? The developers have managed to create a similar story line to Mario only with a kidnapping followed by the mission to save the day. Along the way, Toad and Toadette must find their way through these clever maps to retrieve the gold star at the end. With enemies and bosses to contend with, you’ve got your work cut out to get around the courses!


So let’s look at the levels. They start off pretty simply with one or two trick before progressing to the levels which leave you scratching your head in wonderment of how you’re supposed to get all of the treasure! They vary from running around on one level to using the touch screen on the gamepad to move areas of the map to allow you to get around. They’re clever and great fun to get around but certainly make you think about picking up everything along the way. Most of the levels have mini challenges ranging from getting a certain amount of coins to grabbing the golden mushroom and not engaging with any enemies. Graphics wise, it’s great. It’s the HD Wii U Mario graphics which make it enjoyable to play up close on the gamepad or the TV for all to point out the secret nook that you missed. With the familiar Mario music and little touches that any Nintendo fan will love, this really is a charming game for fans of any age to enjoy.


Initially, the first few levels fly by but definitely have the replay factor and just when you think it’s the end there are more levels for you to get cracking with! I think my favorite part of the game however is that if you have save data for the Mario 3D Land game it unlock a bonus section. In this bonus section you get to play some of the Mario levels which have been adapted for more play time with Toad. Although Toad and Toadette can’t jump on incoming enemies, they aren’t completely defenseless with turnips as weapons to throw towards the shy guys and drivebombing birds. It is cleverly done and doesn’t feel repetitive or overdone. The courses are well thought out, challenging with the difficulty intensifying at a good pace so you can get to grips with all of tricks only for the next level to shake things up for you. The courses do make you think about the best way to get your new found friends around without hurting them and getting all the treasure.


I wanted to keep this review short and sweet (a little bit like Toad then) because I don’t feel like there is anything more to say about this game because I would rather be playing it. I don’t tend to urge people to go out and get a game, but if you have a Wii U or you are considering getting one, this is definitely a game you should consider picking up. It’s fun, it’s easy going and you can either spend a couple of hours on it or pop on for a short while to clear a couple of courses. Go forth and explore with Captain Toad and Toadette fellow gamers, you’re sure to have a good time!

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