Mario Kart DLC Pack 1 Review

So the first pack of the Mario Kart DLC came out yesterday (13th November) and I was eager to get it downloaded and try out all of the new things! So here’s an overview of what we’ve got and what it adds to the already pretty awesome Mario Kart 8! Straight away on the front screen there’s a new section for the upcoming Amiibo characters! So I’ve given it a click and it turns out if you touch your ammibo on the gamepad it unlocks a character racing suit for your Mii! Pretty nice touch if you ask me!


Next, the characters! Tanooki Mario with his cool jumps, Cat Peach with her cute meow and then there’s Link… everyone’s favorite. The reason I say that is because out of the 3, I’ve played with him the most. This is mainly due to his awesome actions when he is jumping but also all those familiar character sound bites we are used to from the Legend of Zelda games.


Then there’s the karts. Blue Falcon is my kart of choice at the moment because it’s great and brings happy memories of the childhood flooding back! In addition to this you have the Tanooki Kart and your B Dasher racer followed by the Master Cycle. Add in the Triforce Tyres and the Hylian Kite and you’re good to go if you’re up for a Hyrule fest! Of course it does depend on what set up you prefer but the new additions are a nice opportunity to mix it up and try something new.


But what about the new tracks!? Well the Egg Cup consists of Yoshi Circuit, Excitebike Arena, Dragon Driftway and Mute City. The Triforce Cup stars Wario’s Gold Mine, SNES Rainbow Road, Ice Ice Outpost and Hyrule Circuit. There is a good mix of tracks here. My only criticism is that I feel the Excitebike Arena is a bit plain and I tend to find shows the little patches of unfinished details which let it down a tiny bit. It’s a basic track but does feel out of place with the others. The retro tracks are great and have been brought up to date to fit very well in this game. The new tracks are also pretty good. I think the winner is the Hyrule Circuit for me though. Nintendo know what their gamers want and it does deliver. It’s the attention to detail that makes it special even down to the sound effects and the rupees replacing the coins. It’s just brilliant.


I’m really glad this content has worked out the way it has. I just hope the second pack will follow suit and be as enjoyable. I’ll be utilizing Mario Kart TV to get highlight reels of the tracks and upload them to my YouTube channel for all to see –

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