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Why I'm still playing Destiny!

I am aware that my posts of late have been brief and to the point, in fact none of them have been reviews for those games I have yet to play *cough* Alien Isolation *cough*. But there is a reason for this. You may not feel it is a valid excuse and to be honest I don’t think it is, but I just can’t stop playing Destiny.

Now, I like the feeling of enormous well-being when you finish a game. Whether it brings you to tears, makes you wish that it hadn’t ended or even think that you shouldn’t have bothered, it’s done. Finito. No more. Destiny doesn’t have this which has lead to mixed reviews on the story and it’s replay appeal. Normally I would be bored with doing the same thing over and over again, but there’s something about this game that leaves me and Kuniku fighting over the controller when we get in from work.

So what’s the appeal? By the way, this isn’t a review. That’s been done already, but I just want to let you know I haven’t forgotten about all the other games out there… It’s just that I’m not ready to stop playing Destiny yet!


Firstly, the story isn’t what is keeping me going. The story expansion is something I am looking forward to however. Especially with the announcement of our new friend, Eris, who is coming soon to give a new perspective on events. The story is missing a lot and playing the same parts of the story over and over in strikes and heroic missions is not keeping me going.

Secondly, I hadn’t been taking the whole leveling up part of things seriously. I just tried to upgrade stuff and be shiny. Now I have a bit more of an understanding of the gear and some of the benefits it has, it makes it more of a challenge to make my characters awesome and ready to take on the harder levels.

Thirdly, I’ve only just found people I can learn to raid with. Having never really played a game like this before, I’ve never been involved in raiding. I get that it’s a team thing and communication is key, but I’m not experienced at it at all. I want to be better so I can take it on whenever people want to give it a go. I’ve done Vault of Glass once. I wasn’t particularly great, but we got through it. I still don’t get a lot of it and have had to do some reading up on what goes on because I missed a few bits before the update happened.

And lastly, I guess I want to try out all of the classes. I have my Hunter at level 27 currently and today have got my Warlock to level 25 (after starting the day at level 18). Now I just need to start my Titan. Now I’ve started getting a group of friends who want to raid, I want to be better and a high enough level to be useful and also get some of the sweet gear on offer so I can work towards level 30 in time for the expansion in December. But why would I want to go through all of this in the first place?


I love my characters. Now I’ve spent time working on them and grinding through the levels I want to use them and make them awesome. Once I start my Titan (yes that means I’ll be playing through the story… again), I look forward to being able to switch between them depending on what missions we’re taking on or what set up we need to get through the raid.

It’s a pretty game to look at. The setting is stunning. I love taking some time to look out over the area I’m in and just looking at what little hidden details there are. Ok, so there are a few areas which are a little glitch heavy or haven’t been finished off but when I’ve found them they tend to be random corners or are uninhabited until the expansion.

I love playing with my friends. I have a couple of awesome fireteams I get to play with. We have a laugh and get up to no good but we also help each other out. I’ve been very grateful to the guys who have helped me through the story or slogged through some of the strikes for my Bad Juju bounty. It’s a shame I can’t play with Kuniku as well, but I’m pretty sure we would never go out or speak to anyone else if that happened because we would just play this game all the time!

I need Ascendant Shards. In order to get to those higher levels, I need a lot of these little elusive buggers. I will generally yell if everyone gets one but me! So I have to play in order to get the bloody things!

I love getting cheeky drops and I want more. If I get Icebreaker, I will probably cry with joy. I want that Sniper Rifle, more than I want anything for Christmas. I know what will happen though, Kuniku will get it because he seems to have most of the Exotic weapons on offer from Raids and actually getting offered the bounties. But that’s not to say I haven’t gotten lucky. My only time in the Raid landed me with 2 pieces of Raid gear and my awesome Scout Rifle. Occasionally I’ll get some Legendary engrams pop up, but they end up being Ascendant Energy and I end up growling.


I guess that’s it really. I can’t get enough of it. It’s almost frustrating that I just can’t bring myself to take the disc out of the PS4 so I can play something else. Don’t get me wrong, I was playing originally to avoid having to wash all of my underwear because of the guaranteed pooping of the pants Alien Isolation would result in, but I do want to play it. In a couple of weeks time, I will have 2 Assassins Creed games to play, complete and review. I just hope that I can wake up one morning and change the damn disc.

If you are on PS4 and want to come hang out, add me, lefranzine and we will play or you can tell me to go and play Alien!!!!

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