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MCM London – The Tested

Ok, so we all know how to survive MCM. Lets now move onto the painstaking details of the games that I tested. The endless hours I gave to stand in line to bring back information! Nah, endless hours is a bit of a lie but I did have to stand behind a guy who smelt like cheese. Anyway, with all the madness going on, I managed to test at least four games. The most popular company if this month seemed to be 2K (the people who brought you Bordlerlands) who had gotten their hands on everything.



What has four toes and can fuck up your day?


Let’s start with Evolve, developed by the same people who gave us Left For Dead. A multi-player, first/third person shooter, strategy game, Evolve is a game that can make or break friendships. The premise of the game is to track down a monster before it evolves and wrecks everyone’s day. There are five players to each game, the four Hunters and one hunted. It is the role of the hunters to seek out and kill the monster before it reaches its final form.





There are four classes, the Tracker, who leads the team towards the target. Their job is to hunt the Monster down and trap in within a contained area so the team can beat the crap out of it. The Assault class is your standard bruise, designed to the target heavy hitting damage. Next is the Support (which I played), their job is to cloak the team or give their shield an extra boost. Lastly, there is the Medic, given the job of healing the team members who have taken the most damage. Each class is given a specific job, so don’t be that fool playing a Tracker role and trying to do an Assaults job.



When in doubt, kill it with fire.



Teams of four have to work together in order to take down the player who runs around as the Monster. The Monsters job is to feed of the land and become stronger in order to go Godzilla on the hunting team. They have three stages in order to achieve this goal whilst evading the Hunters. Each new evolution provides the Monster with fairly kickass abilities like breathing fire or stomping someone into the ground. Like a deadly version of Pokémon.

As a console gamer, I am not used to co-op and admit I thoroughly suck at them. I might have enjoyed the game more if the people running the booth hadn’t thrown me straight into it. Here have a controller, good luck trying to work things out. Of course, they have a limited time frame in order to explain things to people. But I had no idea how many fiddly buttons there were in order to shoot my goddamn gun. I don’t have much experience in PC gaming either, so I might have let the team down a little.



Well, shit.


I like games, I like to take my time to work them out so I’m not running in blind. Being at a Con with about a thousand other people did limit this notion. However, it was a good game. I thoroughly enjoyed the world that had been laid out for the team to battle it out. It was an atmospheric jungle land that hinted nothing was safe. The graphics were well done, adding to the fairly creepy world.

It’s a game I would suggest to people who enjoy playing co-op with friends. It’s out in February 2015, so pre-order that stuff!



last round

Dem money shots.


Next, is the game Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, which also comes out in February.  It’s a fighting game developed by Team Ninja in collaboration with Tecmo. A fairly straight forward fighting game, I found that aspects of it featured things similar to Tekken and Street-Fighter. Accept the woman have huge boobs. Like, ridiculous scale of cleavage. I know it’s a common aspect on fighter games but the creators of Dead or Alive brought out a Volleyball game . Yup, the main female characters get to run around in Bikinis that barely cover their breasts. Character development!



  And that’s for borrowing my shampoo without permission!

Still, I enjoyed kicking the butt of my opponent. The controls were fairly standard ones that were easy to follow. As someone who has played multiple fighter games, it was easier for me to grasp moves quicker. If Tekken has taught me anything, it’s to watch out for patterns and then kick butt. Do not butt mash because you’ll never learn anything useful from it.



Welcome to Gotham, I am the Joker and I will be your host for today.


Then there was Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham which is to be released on November 14th. The game follows Brainiac stealing the rings belonging to the Green Lantern Corps. His evil plan is to conquer the universe by shrinking the planets and adding them to his collection. In order to stop this crime, the Legion of Doom, Batman and the Justice League are called upon to save the universe.

Within the game, you play single player or multi-player. Since each hero has different abilities to access special features, it is probably best to play with another player. You have the option of the main character, Batman and the main characters from the DC universe. Aquaman is most likely there too crying about the pollution in the ocean and the whales. It’s a fairly fun family game, designed for all ages. The sort thing a parent can sit down to play with the kid.




Quick, pull your serious face!


Once I worked out what the controls were, the demo was quite enjoyable. At times it got a little annoying when you had to press a dozen other buttons to activate something. As Batman has no superpowers, you have to rely heavily on gadgets and Robin the Sidekick. So, hopefully you don’t have to go around cleaning up after the boy wonder. If you have a child or a love for Legos, then I suggest getting the game.



 ‘Look Batman, I have my serious face on!’ ‘Jeez, Robin we were doing that, like five minutes ago.’


Sadly, the crowds started to heave and I was unable to stand around for an hour to test other games. I enjoyed the ones that I did get to test and hopefully go early next time to test more. Now, go and buy things.

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