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Alien Isolation DLC announced

The DLC line up for Alien Isolation has been announced! Now I am a terrible person and have STILL not played any of the game yet (shoot me now), but I am still excited about it even if I have been unable to put Destiny down and face it! Regardless of this fact, I have purchased the Season Pass at £19.99 from PSN (25% saved on buying the packs individually) as a way of getting my butt in gear to get started because of the content that will be included.

With 5 packs coming to the game, there’s enough to make it worth the pennies. Corporate Lockdown, Safe Haven, Trauma, Lost Contact and The Trigger will be released periodically between October 2014 and March 2015 with the first landing next week, the 28th October. Each of these packs will provide a different playable character, unique objectives and new games modes. They will be focussing on the events prior to the arrival of the Weyland-Yutani team on the Sevastopol.

In the first DLC pack, Corporate Lockdown, the Seegson Executive Ransome finds that he has been abandoned and knowing that the Torrens is inbound, plans to escape with the Nostromo data. But there will also be three new challenge maps for us to tackle – named Scorched Earth, Severence and Loose Ends. Similar to the Basement map, players will compete for the top-spot on the leaderboard for the fastest time or highest score via the side quests. But as previously mentioned, there will also be a new game mode – the Gauntlet, where players must face all three challenge maps, back-to-back, without dying. Stealth mode engaged!

All heading to your console at £5.59 for each pack, but Season Pass makes it a little cheaper. Happy sneaking folks!

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