Unturned: First Impressions

Unturned is a zombie survival sim that makes you feel you are playing DayZ with Minecraft graphics. Do not take that as a negative, this game has a lot to offer and has a massive fan base with me included. I happened across this game while on Steam looking for a new zombie title to play. As a recent starter in Minecraft also this caught my interest. The game has been made and designed by the young 16-year-old Nelson Sexton and I cannot give this guy enough credit for his work or the passion that he puts into the title, all you have do is read his updates and involvement in the Unturned community to see how he feels about it. Unturned is by no means a complete title and is still in the early Alpha stages but you can easily see what he is trying to accomplish and it is going well!

The game is available on Steam as a Free to Play title or for £4 you can get yourself the gold edition which offers the following extras.

  • Golden name in chat and player list
  • Extra skin colours, hair and faces
  • Access to special gold servers
  • Suit and shades on gold servers
  • Extra loot drops on gold servers
  • Double experience on gold servers
  • Enhanced and tasty user interface


I had been playing the game for a few days before I went for the upgrade, not so much because I wanted the extras but I wanted to show my support for this project. This is certainly in no way an easy game to start out with, the tutorial is very basic and shows you what you need to start out (again it’s an Alpha so go with it) but when you first start out in the world you have nothing, not even clothes unless you paid for the gold version. I managed to successfully get killed a lot during my first times playing but as soon as you get a nice melee weapon you will feel you can take on the world! The game is very much centred at multiplayer than single player, recently I teamed up with Sigillium from the team and we have now been making some serious progress in exploration and survival.


Not only do you have to worry about the undead in this game but food, water and infection. So when I said before about feeling you could take on the world you better make sure that you scrounge up some supplies before getting too adventerous. The first things that you really need to locate are a backpack for carrying items (many sizes available), a canteen that can be refilled from any water source and a sleeping bag or cot. These items are not easy to come by but by searching towns and camps you will come across them. In the meantime all buildings can contain food and drink (a lot of which will be mouldy but when needs must), this will help you get by at the first until you get to a point you can start building your home and farm. Weapons and tools are scattered around the world but ammo is not always the easiest to come by and it might not be for the gun you are carrying, again with guns you have the problem with noise which will attract many undead in the area but will be useful if you are taking on other bandit players. Guns and bow weapons will allow for distance take downs on not only the undead but animals too which you can hunt for food to cook when you finally get a camp fire.


Crafting is a big part of your journey and after a couple of weeks of playing I am only just starting to get to grips with it (The Unturned Bunker Wiki is your friend!), I have taken up shelter with Sigillium on an old boat we found with a ladder to a safe area and this is literally where we have laid our beds so we can now respawn there if the worst happens (including your teammate testing out his new rifle on your head!). With this setup we have access to water for canteens, land for farming and a town to scavenge from, what more could a couple of survivors ask for? The list of things that can be crafted are huge including, weapons, building foundations, traps and outfits to name a few, this really does give you the ability live out your own survival story in a great way. One of the other things that you will notice through the land are vehicles and yes these can be driven around and you can pick up passengers but you also need to keep an eye on fuel as this is not the easiest thing to come by, like guns the vehicles will make a lot of noise and attract the undead so be careful not run out of fuel if you are surrounded. One of the last things that you need to take into account is when the sun goes down, zombies will respawn a long with items but if you have not found a torch you will need to tread carefully otherwise you will very easy be taken down.


The character you create can be upgraded with experience points gained from killing zombies and harvesting supplies, the skills all aid you in your survival but if you get killed it will have a knock on effect and the hard work you have been doing. At the moment even with the gold version character customisation on the main screen is still pretty limited but I think as this moves forward there will be a lot added to make your character as individual as you like. Sigillium currently looks like a crazed version on the Incredible Hulk.

Overall I wold really urge you to download the Free to Play version and test the game out, it has managed to get me hooked and I am now trying to get more of the team involved so that we can start doing a YouTube series on it so watch this space and last of all I have got to say well done to Sexton for the work he has put into this, it is not often someone can create something that becomes this popular even in the Alpha stages.


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  1. By the sounds of it it’s a lot like 7 days to die (which we have a play through of on our channel ;))

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