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The Queen’s Wrath event went live on 23rd September and will run  right through until 6th October. So, what does it all mean and what is up for grabs?! Well, the basic idea is this: accept bounties on the Queen’s behalf, complete said bounty, and not only will you be awarded with mega XP and Queen’s Favour ranking points, but you’ll also be granted a special Mark. This can be traded in for a special bounty which will boost the difficulty of a set mission to Level 24 and make it epic difficulty. Complete said mission and you will be awarded with a rare piece of armor, as shown above.


Below I have made a list of the bounties available and also the loot rewards you can get your greedy Guardian hands on!!


Her Willful Gaze – Defeat 20 Guardians with Scout Rifle Headshots – +100QF +5000XP

By Thy Hand – Defeat 20 Guardians with Hand Cannon Headshots – +50QF +2500XP

Relic Harvest – Fallen – Collext 200 Fallen Ether Drops from Fallen – +50QF +2500XP

Extermination Protocol – Defeat 200 Fallen with Headshots – +100QF +5000XP

Archon Slayer – Defeat Riksis in the mission Restoration on Earth – +100QF +5000XP

Last Days of Winter – Defeat Draksis in the Scourge of Winter on Venus



The rare weapons available from The Queen’s Emissary(Links point to the stats page for each weapon with upgrade trees)

Vesta Noblese – Rare Scout Rifle

Her Right Hand – Rare Auto Rifle

Merciless – Rare Hand Cannon

Her Eyes – Rare Shotgun

Payment VI – Rare Pulse Rifle

Techeun Force – Rare Fusion Rifle

The Dreamwaker – Rare Rocket Launcher

The Majestic – Rare Sniper Rifle

Wolves’ Bane – Rare Machine Gun


Class Items – A rare and unique item is available for each Class

Bond of the Queen’s Guard – Warlock Bond

Cloak of the Sixth Reign – Hunter Cloak

Mark of the Queen’s Guard – Titan Mark


There are also 2 rare Shaders (Rosegold and Prism Dancer) and 2 rare Emblems available (Queens Guard Crest and Crown of the Sovereign)


I’ve already managed to complete one of the Special Bounties (Extermination Protocol) and can’t wait to get my hands on some sweet loot (That’s my very  basic level 10 Hunter below)





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  1. One thing I have noticed about the Queens armour is that a shader doesn’t always completely cover it. I still have a slightly purple helmet with the Queens emblem visible

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