Steam hits 100 million users and Discovery update



Valve have announced that their huge Steam platform has now reached 100 million “active” users. This is an increase of 25 million from the 75 million that was announced in January this year.

Not only was this figure released but also the fact that are also over 3,700 games in total. There have be at least 1,300 new titles added so far in 2014, an increase of  the 304 titles that were added to Steam by this time last year.

Yesterday Valve launched the Steam Discovery Update, this is set to introduce new and exciting features that will improve the shopping experience for gamers, You will receive a smarter Home page which will be offering recommendations on past purchases, recent playtime and recommendations from your friends. Steam search has been updated also with new extremely detailed filters and a new feature called Curators will allow Steam groups run by individuals or organisations to now become curators, they will be able to recommend games to their members and followers. Any user who is an officer of a group can become the curator, This will allow the writing of small reviews on Steam which you can link to more detailed and involved reviews on external site such as a blog or review site. This will be a great move forward for the Steam and gaming community.

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