Ultra Street Fighter 4 – Omega?

Over the weekend at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) Capcom’s Peter ‘ComboFiend’ Rosas announced a new feature that will be a free download to all Ultra Street Fighter 4 players called ‘Omega Mode’. This is in a similar vein to the Edition Select feature that USF4 brought to the table, and most likely it will be treated in the same way by tournament organisers – it’ll be a bit of fun on the side.


Omega Mode is here to give players something new. While the tournament players will all think that the balance changes between SSFAE2012 and USF4 are a significant change, to someone who just plays casually they might not appreciate the depth of the changes. Omega Mode somewhat addresses that. It will give every character a big change in their normal and special attacks.

“This means that strong, fan favourite attacks such as Ken’s Shinppu Jinrai Kyaku and Sagat’s Tiger Raid make their return while other characters such as Zangief gain new abilities, like being able to combo into his command throws,” said Rosas.

You can check out Omega Mode in the video below:



Patch 1.04 is also due out this October, which will bring some fixes to some accidental changes in the last minor content patch as well as some changes to the options for the Training Dummy and the long-awaited fix for the Steam PC version’s online experience.

Personally I’m very excited for the changes, even if they won’t see a whole lot of tournament use I imagine they will bring some very fun changes to characters, those shown in the above video look really refreshing and it’ll be great to experiment with all the characters again.

Those local to Colchester will be able to experience this once it launches as I intend to do a one week special at our weekly Street Fighter community night where we will use the new Omega Mode for that week’s tournament – keep an eye on our events page for more details.

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