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Incoming – Alien Isolation event at Xtreme Gaming, Colchester

Well hello boys and girls!

In anticipation of Alien Isolation coming out, I have been dreaming (or rather having vivid nightmares) of being hunted down and brutally killed in numerous ways by the terrifying xenomorph. It’s very rare that games take over my brain this much that I wake up with my heart pounding and I am concerned about where I will ‘respawn’ if I go back to that dream world! Now before you think I’m a massive freak with a ridiculously overactive mind, I think the reason for this is because I’m usually a huge chicken when it comes to survival horror games and the idea that there is no way of knowing what the Alien will do next has got me looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time.

But the reason for this feature is to draw your attention to an awesome event which will be taking place to celebrate the release of Alien Isolation (and possibly many bowels due to the fear factor of this upcoming title). On Monday the 6th October, 8pm at the Odeon in Colchester, you are invited to come to see a screening of Alien and then play the game! All of this in surround sound to really make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Our friends at Xtreme Gaming and Mad Catz UK have set this up and some of us here at Darkworld Gaming are going along to get involved.

If you are free on the evening of the 6th and would like to know more details, either check out the Xtreme Gaming website for some more details or head down to the store on Colchester High Street and chat to the lovely staff about it. You much be 18 to attend this event due to the age/PEGI rating (please bring ID just in case or you might not get in!!!!) and tickets are £20. That’s the film, the game, happy fun poop your pants scary times and Mad Catz UK are also providing some prizes to give away. I’m excited. I’m terrified. But I can’t wait for this event!


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