Albion Online – All You Need to Know

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Albion Online is a new Free to Play MMO which is being released on multiple platforms in 2015 (Date TBC). It is currently in Alpha Testing and the latest Alpha will open on 15th/16th September and is accessible by purchasing a “Founders Pack” from the Albion Online Website. On there, you will find details of the different packs available which grant you some awesome launch gifts!



The world of Albion is massive and expansive and is open world. It is split into different territories that can be settled and you have the chance to develop your own township. Further to this, Guilds in the game can forge townships and cities and can then lay siege to rival Guild territory.



Feel like becoming the next Emperor or Empress of Albion? Or want to rule with an iron fist like Genghis Khan? Or maybe you just like the thought of safety in numbers? Guild Vs. Guild play is going to be epic. There are plans for 20 vs. 20 siege battles. In a world that has limited resources, can you afford to stand alone in the wilderness?

Or maybe you just want to split some skulls and steal some loot from your fellow players? PvP is going to be one hell of an experience and judging by the images available, it’s going to be a melee to the death!

Or maybe you like a bit of the PvE to go with your MMORPG…well be warned, traveler, many beats lurk in the realms of Albion…



This is where things get really interesting…see, Albion Online has NO classes. You are what you wear and the more epic loot you come across, the better you can become and customize. Want to be a tank who also has epic bow skills? Go for it. Want to be a Mage with a giant Warhammer, why the Hell not!!

This is a fresh approach to the MMO genre and already I am dying to get my hands on some epic weapons and armour.


The Alpha opens next Monday, so….what are you waiting for!?!

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