Batman Arkham Knight update!

Great news today for fans if the Warner Bros Batman Arkham series. The release date of 2nd June 2015 has been confirmed (much later than previously thought) and the special editions have been announced.

There will be 2 different limited editions of the game. One priced at £74.99 for PC and £89.99 for the consoles (XBOX One and PS4) which will include an art book, issue zero of the Arkham Knight comic book, a skin pack, steelbook with the game inside and a pretty snazzy Batman figurine. The second is a pretty big one and only available for the consoles. For £169.99 you can have the bits and bobs from the limited edition but instead of Batman, you get an transformable Batmobile by Triforce. I won’t lie to you…. A little bit of wee just came out!

I love the Batman games. I’m very tempted by the ridiculously cool Batmobile Edition. Am I willing not to eat for a month for this game? Yes I think so, and hopefully it will live up to the hype from the trailer. What does everyone else think? Don’t forget, if you pre-order you can also get a Harley Quinn playable DLC!






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