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Blue Estate – first impressions

I found this game while I was downloading this months PS Plus titles (go check out Velocity 2X now!). It appeared in the featured section and it caught my eye. So I downloaded the free demo as the trailer wouldn’t work to see what it was all about. Opinion seems to be divided on this game, as is my own. It’s not often I feel like a game is ridiculous in a fun way, but also just completely outrageous in a bad kind of way. These are my first impressions….


Think House of the Dead Overkill, Time Crisis… and that’s pretty much it. But it’s got some attempted comedy and uses some of the controller functions that are not used as frequently for FPS games. For XBOX One, it uses the Kinect for the controls. If you pick it up and test out the Kinect functions, please comment to let us know what you think as this review is based on a PS4 play through. It’s an arcade rail-shooter with ridiculous amounts of enemies. There are some pretty ‘over the line’ offensive race and gender comments in the game, but to be honest I wasn’t really listening to all the chatter because I was too busy shooting all the guys getting in the way. It essentially is a Team America style humor. It is based on the award winning graphic novel series, which I admit I had not heard of before, so I couldn’t tell you if it’s true to original strip with it’s content. But it must be doing something right to have been turned into a game!


The controls are a bit awkward to begin with mainly due to the swipe motion and you point the controller where you want to aim. When Kuniku had a play on the demo, he said he would prefer the analog sticks to be used instead. That’s my only real issue with the controls. The rest is pretty much press the button and try to aim for the head to make your life easier. Reload speed is slower if you run out of bullets so the HUD on your crosshair is handy for letting you know how low your ammo is getting. I had to centralize the crosshair a lot, which can be a little bit frustrating when you’re combo is pretty high and you can’t aim! You pick up more powerful weapons throughout the game too, such as a semi automatic and a shotgun, which are pretty handy as the handgun with infinite ammo just doesn’t have the same punch. You swipe to pick up ammo, health and speed boosts too so watch out for these as they can pass by if you miss them. Look out for your ‘slow mo’ buttons too, if you shoot these you’ll get about 10 seconds of slow motion to try and take out your enemies or bosses. The goons move pretty slowly anyway so you should be able to handle it.


Graphics wise, everything is pretty simple. The only character who has had work done is the broad you’re trying to rescue. The rest is good but nothing overly spectacular. The action moves around the map but tends to return to a main hub for another show down before moving through other areas. As my lovely friend David said, it’s very 80’s. The same goons pop up over and over again and the Kim Jong look-a-like is just that. I’ve not progressed far enough into the game yet to get the full story either but its easy enough to follow and there is also a co-op mode I am yet to try out. So this post may be subject to some updates at some point! Each level is roughly about 20 minutes in length and you build up points depending on your combos and headshots. There are also extra points given for shooting the lucky cats and flower baskets so keep your eyes peeled for these too.

As I said before, there’ some pretty offensive jokes thrown in along with some misogynistic jibes which will probably not be taken well by most. But this game is obviously not meant to be taken seriously. I don’t condone racism or sexism in anyway in the real world. This is game. Much the same as a film is a film and a book is a book. If it’s based on real life then it usually is some heartfelt story of toil and strife where the oppressed party fights their way through and becomes the hero/heroine. But this isn’t to be taken seriously. If you don’t like the style of humour in the frankly terrible jokes, then you won’t like this game. If however, you are like me and my friends who enjoy Cards Against Humanity, then you’ll probably suffer through the jokes without getting offended by them.


I enjoyed my time playing the first couple of levels. It wasn’t breath taking or awe inspiring. It’s a bit of fun for those of you who are waiting for the AAA titles to come out over the next few months. So check out the demo. Let me know your thoughts. Below are my YouTube videos of my Twitch stream so you can see me playing it if you need a little more convincing whether to spend your hard earned pennies on it. On PS Plus you can get it for £7.99 as opposed to £9.99.

So far, if I were rating it out of 10, it would get about a 5.5. It’s not bad or awful. But it’s slightly better than average if you fancy something a bit simple. Blue Estate is basically marmite (which I don’t like) however, I’m willing to give the game a chance!

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