State of Decay – If you haven't, you should

This might be an older title but it is something that for so long I seem to have avoided playing and for the life of me, I don’t know why. I finally got round to purchasing this title on the PC and I have got to say this looks to be one of the best zombie survival titles I have played.



Have you ever loaded up a game and nearly lost a day through addiction? Well this is exactly what happened to me. I downloaded this at around 10am and after what I thought had been a couple of hours turned out to be 4pm in the afternoon. From the moment you load it up you are dropped straight into hell, playing as one of two friends who have been on a camping trip and within three steps the dead are upon you and with only a stick for defence it is time to hit them hard. Luckily there is a safe house not to far from your location that will give you time to gather your wits.

State of Decay brings open world survival horror to you in a way I have not personally experienced myself. The hidden secret about this game that is not noticed when you start your adventure is that this is actually a very clever role-playing game. You start to unravel that you are not limited to playing as only one character and each person you meet has their own skill sets, strengths and weaknesses. This might excite you thinking that you can build a huge party of playable characters but here is the downside, each character can die or be killed and if that happens there is no going back. So far in my game I have only lost one brave soul (who was torn apart and devoured in a way that made me want nothing more than revenge), even after his death the screen cut back to my base with one of the other survivors detailing how we should not mourn this person but celebrate their life. This cut me deep and I felt the loss of one of our team, I love when a game can really tug on your heart strings and make you feel for a characters like that.


One of the first things that really made me smile was the thought of having a base of operations, quite early on in the game you get called to a church with a few survivors and this becomes the first real safe house you have. Here the game changes again. You and the people you save will impact the workings of the base. People will become hungry, uncomfortable, sad and angry. If you want to keep your community working then you will need to deal with these problems when they arise and trust me when you are out trying to save survivors or locate supplies and you get an alert about someone being unhappy it can be frustrating but depending on the type of person you are then you will either rush back to help or laugh them off with the “I am far to busy right now” excuse. This leads into the other special thing about this game. Those choices you make will change what happens around you. Everything you do or choose not to do or even accidentally fail to complete in time will make an impact on things around you. I think this was my problem for spending so long on the game in one hit. I kept finding new things that needed to be completed and had the “I will just do this last one” moment keep coming up.


Within the game was something, for me, that was a real good idea, transportation, there are many vehicles left around the map for you to use, now this does come with it’s only problems, as all you zombie fans will know noise does seem to attract the walkers. The vehicles also suffer from fuel loss and damage, also as you can see in the image above if the walkers get to close they will latch onto the vehicle and try to attack you or rip it apart (Nothing a swift break or run through a bus won’t solve). Weapons are also scattered around the map for you to locate, guns are available but come at the same price as driving, you will attract a lot of attention, the best thing is to stick with melee unless you want an walker party on your hands.

With the use of the safe house you have the ability to store what you scavenge, this brings more influence over the people you are with, each item has its own price but if you start to remove said items the influence will drop.  This all adds to the choices you make, do you want higher influence or to know you can pull out a decent weapon if things get tough? In the safe house you can also build extra areas such as beds, workstations and outposts, all of which will aid you in their own way such as having enough beds keeps your group rested ready for supply trips, medical bays help if you get injured out in the field.

Personally for me this game is amazing, it has everything I have come to want from a zombie survival game excluding one thing… Multiplayer but when you have this much packed into one game you really just can’t complain. The great news with all this also is that they have recently announced a remake for the current gen consoles too which is going to be mind blowing. If you haven’t played this, then you need to get involved, you will not regret it.


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