Too Old For Gaming?

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Am I getting to old for gaming?

Now let me start this article by saying that I am not someone who’s just bought a ps4 yesterday and now calls himself a gamer. I started this little hobby back in the days of the master system with Alex Kidd built in. Would I consider myself hardcore  when I asked my Dad for a new game and he told me to finish Sonic with a mirror up against the screen to make it a “whole new game”, then he would buy one…. So I did.

So the question I ask myself is not asked lightly.

To explain myself I also have to go back in time as well. I had sold my motocross bike to get a Nintendo 64 and that birthday I got Goldeneye. I loved it and still do. It was the most state of the art thing I had ever played, this was a glimpse into the future. Hell this was the future. My dad sits down next to me “oo I like Bond, can I have a go”. As the good son I load up the dam on agent and hand over the controller. By the time the he had got to the lorry that you let through the gate the controller was handed back. “I feel sick I got to get some air.. And some water”. And as a good son I laughed, I laughed so much, the old bugger cannot play a game.

Skip Forward to this year, through the magic of Gumtree I had got myself an oculus rift dk1 (owners may know where I am going with this) I had dreams of living in skyrim, making vr worlds for all to explore. Me and my son set it up and load up the first demo, walking round a Tuscan villa, yep a nice and gentle start. Again I had that same feeling as Goldeneye, this is the future. Wow it’s like I am there, look at the roof, look at the fire, there are butterflies. I am going to go out on the balcony…… Then it happens I take off the headset, I go to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of water. I go sit in the garden for air, I stay there for some time. I have never had motion sickness like it, Christian as a good son laughs, oh how he laughs. Old bugger cannot play games, he goes on fine….

Oculus and vr as a whole is the future, so where does it leave me, will I quit games and take up stamp collecting, probably not. But when it does all take off and everything is in headsets, dont be surprised to see me playing the classics with a mirror up against my TV.

After all it makes it a whole new game.

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