Saints Row IV heading to next-gen!

After a teaser picture of a Ouija Board showing the Saints emblem with ‘666’ was released, it seemed that a new Saints Row game was on it’s way with a devilish twist. Well, not quite.
What’s happened is that Saints Row IV: Re-elected will be heading to our next-gen consoles on 27th January 2015 along with the ‘Gat Out of Hell’ expansion for the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. The expansion will also be available on the next-gen consoles.

Saints_Row__Gat_Out_Of_Hell_67016 (1)

If you didn’t pick up Saints Row IV back in 2013, then this could be the time to do it. You play as the leader of the Third Street Saints who has gone on to become President and the Earth has been invaded by Zinyak and his army. You have badass superpowers and get to have a lot of fun along the way. The expansion brings on a new host of enemies, brings together old friends and the Devil himself.

The expansion (trailer below) looks crazy fun. So who is looking forward to this?

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