Nintendo Announces NEW 3DS 'LL'

Breaking News boys and girls, Nintendo are in the process of announcing a new addition to the 3DS family.

Within the Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast today (hopefully there will be a western one later today) was the announcement of the ‘3DS LL’ It will have a small analogue “nub” (i.e. not quite full stick) just above the existing A,B,X and Y buttons, and these buttons have been coloured to match the classic SNES controller colours.

The new hardware also comes with new shoulder buttons: XL and XR. These are mounted on top of the device, just next to the existing L and R buttons.

The device is also reported to be faster, and have a greater ‘sweet spot’ for finding the right level of 3D for the user from a wider range of viewing angles.

Interestingly, the device comes with NFC Technology, presumably to work with the new range of Amiibos Nintendo announced earlier this year, which means it wont need the NFC reader they also previously announced.

The new LL will be available in both 3DS and 3DS XL sizes. Additionally there will be new custom face plates, much like those on the classic Nokia phones, available, shown variants included a Mario and an Animal Crossing face plate.

More information will come as we learn more.


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