Patrick M. Seymour: The Interview

I was lucky enough this week to catch up with one of the hottest Voice Acting Properties in Gaming, Patrick M Seymour.

Patrick has worked on a range of projects from Heroes of Newerth to Grim Tales: Bloody MaryYou can check out a comprehensive list of Patrick’s work on his IMDb page.

Teldo: The Penguin Priest from Heroes of Newerth
Teldo: The Penguin Priest from Heroes of Newerth

Here’s what Patrick had to say when we caught up, earlier this week:

Q. What was your main reason for wanting to get involved in Voice Acting in Gaming?

A. Well it all started when I was in highschool, I was apart of the theater troupe, but felt very unsure of how I looked, even though I loved acting with every fiber of my being, it was so conflicting. Then I was told about being able to do what I love to do, but behind a microphone instead, on top of that being able to bring video games, animations, and books to life. After high school, I started to look at acting stuff online and ran across places like Voice Acting Alliance, Newgrounds, and IndieDB, seeing all these small games that were looking for voice actors and actually seemed a pretty dang cool. I think as a kid I always wanted to voice in a video game too, so it felt like I was making my inner kid happy by jumping into this world finally.

Q. What was the first project you worked on and why?

A. The first true project I worked on, and by that I mean being able to give my opinions and work alongside the director every step of the way was Freedom Planet, it sounds strange since the game came out this year, but honestly we have been working on the game since 2010. I honestly loved the general concepts of the game, being a bit of a platforming dork and all. Then seeing what the crew and I talked about, did revisions, went into a new direction, I was so happy to be apart of this project for the past 4 years.

Patrick's Character in Freedom Planet, Command Torque
Patrick’s Character in Freedom Planet, Commander Torque

Q. What would you say (to date) is the biggest project you have worked on?

A. Definitely Freedom Planet, just because it has had a big impact on me from both the beginning and to the present, it helped mold me into a better actor, and get a feel for how larger production games can work when you are alongside a team. Not only that but the reception for the game has been extremely positive, and people who cross paths with me at game stores can tell who I am half the time, so that was pretty dang cool.

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Q. What kind of people do you meet doing Voice Acting?

I meet just about every kind of person imaginable, the very experienced, the overly confident, the fresh faces who are eager to learn. A lot of people I became friends with shared a lot of common ground with me, and that was a love for video games and cartoons (both English and Japanese), so it’s always nice to be able to geek out with coworkers during the break periods. 

Q. How does it feel seeing your name on IMDb with a list of the projects you have worked on?

Absolutely incredible, being able to see all the milestones I have made over the past few years that got people to smile, cry , laugh is nothing short of true bliss. Not to mention my relatives love to show off that page when they can.


Q. What advice would you give to aspiring Voice Actors?

Always try out new things, all bases of media are great to learn how to voice act much better. Always be professional and courteous to your directors and coworkers on the job. Always make sure you are aware of everything you do for the project, share your ideas, and always above all else, have fun. You never have to work a day in your life as long as you are having fun 🙂


It was an absolute honour catching up with Patrick and I’m looking forward to seeing some of his up and coming projects! Keep tuned to DWG for more news and interviews with Patrick!


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