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Infamous Second Son review

Ok, so I know this has been out for a while and reviews have come and gone. But I have finally sat down and finished the game so I felt like I should write something about it! I’ll be honest. Until I ordered my PS4, I had never played an Infamous game (and yes I call myself a gamer, I know believe me, I know). So Kuniku sat me down and played some of the first one while I watched and quite possibly ate cookies. It looked like great fun, so I was quite glad I made the right choice in picking this title for my bundle. If like me, you didn’t get involved in the series until now, you really don’t need the previous games in order to know what’s going on. It’s a new story, with new characters and some crazy fun powers to play with.


You play as Delsin, an artist who loves to leave his mark with a can of spray paint. Everything goes to hell pretty quickly and then Delsin acquires the powers of Hank, a ‘conduit’ or ‘bio-terrorist’ depending on which side of the fence you sit on. Then we meet our nemesis, Augustine. Head of the bio-terrorist tactical threat organization aka the DUP. They are in the business of grabbing any suspected conduits and locking them up. Which Delsin doesn’t like at all now he has smoke powers. Because he doesn’t give himself up, Augustine unleashes her concrete powers on the people he cares about. So he’s out for a little revenge. Delsin and his brother Reggie head to Seattle to get even and start taking on the DUP forces in order to get to Augustine.


Along the way, Delsin gets to develop his powers and acquire new ones from the conduits he meets, Fetch and Eugene. Whichever power you use, they’re pretty damn cool and it’s hard to pick a favorite. Fortunately, you can swap powers, which comes in pretty handy later on when you’ve drained your surrounding sources and require a top up. Of course with any modern game, you have your little side quests to do which involved taking out secret agents, finding audio logs, taking out hidden cameras and leaving your mark on the city with your political graffiti. Doing these reduces the DUP hold on that particular area. By taking out command centres and a butt load of DUP agents, you can further reduce their presence and taking out the tracking drones also helps do this while giving yourself a little boost with a blast shard to help level up your powers. When the DUP hold on the area is at 30% or under, you can opt to do the showdown which basically means a little opportunity to kick the crap out of the DUP. All good fun.

My method of playing the game was the opposite to the way I would usually do it. This time I went around getting all of the showdowns out of the way so I could just get on with the story. Once you move to the other side of the bridge later on, you get to do it all over again, but it’s starting to get a little bit harder now you’ve mastered your powers so far. It’s a long process, but does mean you don’t have a delay towards the end when some of the command towers can get in your way when you just want to play the main story.


One thing I do like about Infamous is the choice of whether to be good or evil. Doing good things (including the graffiti) gets you good karma, doing bad things makes you a bit of a git. I chose to play the story by following the path of evil. And boy, did it have an effect on the ending. I would like to play through again and go for good karma to see what happens though because I felt pretty bad about how things ended! Still, the karma is great to build up as once you’ve chosen which path to follow, your actions build up your karma gauge so you can unleash your special power at that crucial moment. I loved the special powers, they were stunning!


The graphics of the game are pretty damn gorgeous. I can’t really fault them in any way. I was particularly a fan of the light trails that follow you when you dash through the air. They were great. I could quite happily have just dashed around to make pretty patterns for a while, but then there were sign spinners and activists to kick the crap out of so I got distracted. The boss fights are also quite impressive graphics wise. Below is a youtube video from my stream on Twitch (sorry about the terrible connection killing everything), you don’t get the full benefit from it but you can see what I mean by how good it looks.

Overall, the game is great. It has everything to keep you entertained and includes a full on ‘noooooooooo’ moment in the penultimate chapter just to make sure you are paying attention and not just enjoying destroying everything. It’s a good story with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure and whether you pick good or bad karma for your path in the game, you’re sure to enjoy the powers you have. At some point I will try to fit in another play through and see if I can resist the call of evil to go through and see what happens when you’re a nice guy. And Infamous First Light is released on 27th August on the PS store so I’ve pre-ordered it so I get to play as Fetch. Sucker Punch seem to suggest that you don”t need to have played Second Son to play this one, but having gone through the story, I think you’re more likely to enjoy playing as Fetch better with a little bit of an introduction. Either way, I’m sure I’ll do a little write up for it. For £11.99 I’m hopefully it’s more than a couple of hours game play as normal DLC would be for other games but I guess we will see. I dare say I will be trying to find some time to stream First Light so if you’re interested in checking it out before deciding to buy, feel free to follow me at to get a notification when I go online to play.

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