MineCraft for PS4 Delayed



The final round of testing by Sony proved too much for the current version of MineCraft for the PS4 and it was rejected by the Sony testing panel. The developer,  4JStudios is now revisiting the game to resolve the issues that have been flagged up by Sony.


Although no details have been released, it is understood that the game failed at the very last hurdle of testing and the studio have been asked to fix some issues with the running of the game. 4JStudios tweeted the below:


“We’re fixing, but we need to go through the process again,”

The release date was due to be this month, but bearing in mind this delay, it will probably be pushed back again to ensure these bugs are ironed out.

Xbox One and PSVita versions were also due to launch this month but again, the developers had this to say:


“We’re still bug fixing #MincecraftXbox1 and #MinecraftPSVita. We’ll give you news when we have it.”

As soon as DarkWorld Gaming have an update, we will let you all know.


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