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Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey New N Tasty

‘Everybody, follow me, wait.’ Oh Abe, you wonderfully nasal Mudokon. A much loved character from consoles past is brought back to life in this great reboot of the original game. I was always sad that I only had the demo on PS One and I wasn’t allowed to buy the full game because I was ‘too young’. So I played the first level over and over again but by the time I had enough money of my own, a copy of the game was nowhere to be found. Until now!


For my birthday, my future mother-in-law kindly donated pennies so that Kuniku could download New N Tasty on the PS4 for me. I didn’t realise how close to the original game it would be while still being a credible remaster. I was concerned it would be based on the story without maintaining much of what had come before but it has stayed true and as a result, fans of the first incarnation are hopefully going to approve. Gadging from some of the comments on my Twitch stream, viewers remember the tricks and solutions for the levels even though they haven’t played it in years which really says something about how little has really changed. I only have limited levels to compare to as most of the play through was my first time seeing everything but I really enjoyed this game and thoroughly look forward to playing it again to try and save all of the Mudokons from being on the menu.


So Abe overhears the big boss of Rupture Farms secret plan to turn him and his fellow Mudokons into Tasty Treats and Abe, our unlikely hero, starts on his mission to save as many of his commrades as possible. Of course, this is no easy task. With Sligs, Slogs, beasties, mines and all sorts to contend with, Abe has his work cut out to take down the master plan. As the levels go on, the ‘puzzles’ get a little more tricky with an explosive death being the most likely outcome on the first couple of attempts. Timing is of the essence as it knowing your surroundings well enough to make sure you don’t get a nasty shock when you try to possess that Slig who might just help you out. Some of it takes a bit of working out if you’re a little slow on the uptake like I am but the game gives some handy hints to make sure you have all the tools to get through to levels and reach that final chapter.


Graphics wise, it is a gorgeous game which of course still retains those iconic scenes from the original game. My favorite thing (of course) is the explosive deaths caused by mines and meat grinders. Nice and gory but don’t last too long and not over the top. I always feel bad about accidentally killing Abe and the Mudokons, but it usually gives you a bit of a laugh before sending you back to the last checkpoint to try and get back to where you were. Quicksave became my new best friend when I finally worked out how to do it! (Even more so when a viewer pointed out to my you can use the touchpad on the PS4 controller to do it without having to go into the menu screen.) After dying so many times, I lost count and ended up trying to get through the traps again which takes a while if you can’t quite get the timing right. So quicksave is a good back up to take advantage of in those later levels when you will most likely end up killing Abe trying to get through.


 Abe still has that adorable nasal voice and that familiar chant that you can’t help but do with him. That little chuckle when he does when a Slig he’s possessed has either blown up or been killed by something else is a little sinister still, but you feel like you want to join in. Of course the imitation sections are still in there where you can get your passwords to move on to the next section or acquire new powers to help you through the upcoming challenges. I mainly enjoyed just farting… and making Abe fart to. This later extends to using a possessed Slig to do the same which is quite amusing in some ways. I liked using the Slogs to your advantage and then disposing of them once they had fulfilled their purpose. This game really does bring out the worst in some people! And don’t forget about Elum! That adorable little creature is handy for traversing the long jumps and fast paced sections, it was always sad to goodbye to him.


There’s not really much more you can say about without wanting to pick up the controller and go back to the start. I only managed to save 128 of the 299 little dudes so I still have work to do. It’s an improvement on the original without losing the wit, charm and slightly disturbing feel to the game play. With the release of Alf’s Escape DLC on 20th August, there’s an extra batch of levels to negotiate and you have to save your friend too! I managed to finish the extra chapter in 2 hours 20 minutes, but I was being particularly useless. It was nice and tricky and made you think about your timing so you can avoid getting Alf shot by Sligs or diced up by the mincers. It’s enjoyable, frustrating but overall worth the extra couple of quid (or free for a couple of weeks with PS Plus) to get involved! The cross buy, cross save aspect for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita is also pretty handy for those of you lucky enough to have the full console ensemble so don’t forget about that when considering purchasing. I suggest any fan of the original picks this up. It will be great for players old and new, leaving you with the urge to say ‘follow me’ a lot to groups of people you pass by in the street.

Below is a video of me attempting to get through the final stages of the game. You can catch more on my Twitch channel –


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