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P.T. demo

After screaming while watching a playback of a Twitch stream and hiding behind my arm while watching it live, I gave in and downloaded P.T. This is the Playable Teaser for the upcoming Silent Hills game which is now going to be highly anticipated with such big names attached to it. The Silent Hill games are ones that I never played. I am ashamed to say it and it is something I aim to remedy before the new one is released. The main reason being that I never got around to them and that at the time I was too chicken to play that kind of horror game.


However, I have manned the eff up and played P.T…. in the daylight. I did stream the whole thing which I completed in about an hour by pure luck more than anything. After picking up some tips which I never thought would actually work through tiny cracks between my fingers while watching others play, I managed to somehow fumble through it quite quickly. Some people have spent hours doing it and I guess I would have too had I not got lucky and tried out some of the things others have suggested.

So what did I make of it? Well, it is scary. Little things which you think are not significant can be later. You have to explore to feel the benefit because checking certain areas mean finding the things you need. I was a little too quick at finding things which was a shame but I don’t think my heart rate would have coped with hanging around. Patience is required as this is a big puzzle with little things to do within it to get through to the end. A spare pair of pants may be useful and when you’re told to ‘look behind you’, you really should just do it.


I don’t want to give too much away because if you have a PS4 and want to give it a try, you really should. It’s an interesting concept for a demo/trailer and if it’s anything to go by then the full game is going to make you poop yourself. Unfortunately, my stream black screened after a few minutes so the only actual video I have is of me accidentally solving the final puzzle. You can see this on my Twitch highlights should you wish. There is audio of me screaming, swearing and saying ‘what do I do?’ a lot which might entertain you should you wish to not actually see gameplay and just laugh at me being scared.

I will play it again and hopefully stream it a little more successfully this time around by doing a speed run. But I will wait until daylight….

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