Playstation and Xbox Twitch accounts hacked



It has been reported that the official Twitch accounts for Playstation, Xbox and the eSport League have been compromised at Gamescon 2014.

Highlights were being posted on the above channels with cursive, homophobic and racist language. Also included were direct insults to the companies relating to the recent announcement that Rise of Tomb Raider was going to be a “timed exclusive”

Twitch have advised that they believe that the hackers had got access to systems that were not being attended at Gamescon which already had access to the accounts. Currently all archived videos, on demand and highlights contained on the effected accounts has been removed until further notice.

This looks to have been a very isolated incident according to Twitch and no other incidents have been reported from Gamescon.

Personally this kind of thing angers me, why people feel the need to cause such an incident especially when the way go about it is to use Racism and Homophobia to do it, there is just no need for this kind of behaviour. As much as I doubt they will be able to track down the people responsible I really hope they do. Hopefully the affected Twitch channels will be back in service without much downtime.

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