Tomb Raider "Xbox Exclusive" – Kind Of…



After the news broke from GamesCom that “Rise of the Tomb Raider” was going to be an XBOX exclusive, the internet was set ablaze with debate.

Some said, “This is a big win for Xbox and establishes a strong exclusive platform to build on,”

Others said, “Wtf? How is this fair to PS4/Wii U owners?!”

The amongst the bitter fighting, a truce was struck as it emerged that…it’s not really going to be an XBox exclusive…more a timed exclusive.

After weighing the pros and the cons, I’ve had a REALLY good think about this and set it out as below:


Some may argue that this gives the Developers more time to perfect the game, get it running in a better way, bug test and make it a full rounded, and polished game. It may be the case that developing the game for one console will then give them time to port this across to other consoles, and do this port properly, again avoiding potential mess-ups.

Although it’s getting rarer, the battleground between the consoles is becoming all about high stakes and well-established franchises. This is an opportunity for a studio to make some quick and easy money, which can be re-invested and redouble and make better games in the future.

I can see this from a business point of view, and I’m going to go with – good investment.


I love games. I love games on my Xbone. I love games on my PS4. I would love games on a Wii U but that’s a different story altogether…

I believe that the choice should be down to me, the gamer, to choose what I can and can’t play and on what console I want to do it.

I understand that franchises such as Infamous and Halo, are going to be exclusive. Every console needs something to make me want to buy i over the slightly different black box on the shelf in GAME. But taking a well-known and loved franchise (I loved the Tomb Raider reboot) and telling me I can only play it on my Xbone? That’s plain nasty.

I understand the need for investment and money, but surely the answer is..make good games = make lots of money.


My final say on the matter is that I am both Jekyll and Hyde about the whole thing. I understand why it needs to be this way, but my inner gamer struggles to come to terms with the fact that my PS4 buddies will be left behind (albeit temporarily). However, I feel like lying to people is not cool.


What do you think? Let me know!

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