Until Dawn PS4 Exclusive

Cast your mind back to 2012 and you may remember Until Dawn being revealed in August as an upcoming title. Then it vanished and we were told in 2013 that it was still in development for PS3. Now the wait is over and after 2 pretty spine tingling teaser trailers, it has been unveiled that Until Dawn will be a PS4 exclusive in 2015.

Supermassive Games website gives some of the details of the story and from the trailer released at Gamescom this week, it’s going to be a full on horror spectacle. With 8 friends on their annual winter getaway in a remote cabin, things quickly take a more sinister turn. Hayden Panettiere is among the Hollywood cast who bring these characters to life in a story where every choice you make affects who will live or die.

In a similar fashion to Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, what you choose to do throughout the game will affect the way the story goes. Such as in L.A. Noire where asking the wrong questions meant missing out on important clues, even the most insignificant things could change the outcome of your unique experience of the story. It does appear that it will leave the player facing moral dilemmas which leave them to decide who will make it to the end. The graphics look pretty stunning and it will certainly compete well with the horror titles that are coming out over the next year offering something a little different to the genre.


I’m really looking forward to this. Not because I like to decide whether to be fair or not to the characters but because even the smallest decisions could change the story. The trailer is highly cinematic and looks like it’s fresh from a horror DVD preview but I hope that it does provide that replay aspect that it seems to be hinting at. If all decisions make a difference, then the ‘thousands’ of possible paths for the game to take will appeal to those gamers who love to seek out all of the outcomes.

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