RuneScape Announces First Expansion – Ever



13 years is a long time for an MMO to run.


13 years for a F2PMMO to run is…well…unheard of really.


I can still remember being 11 and playing RuneScape at home on dial-up because it was the gold standard for it’s time at a cost of absolute zilch (except for my parents who got a nasty shock with the internet usage bill…)

Today RuneScape have announced that the first expansion will go live in September. The expansion is called Lost City of the Elves and technically begins today with the opening of the highly-anticipated “Plague’s End” quest. This is a high level quest for players with high ranking levels.

Completing the above quest will open the first half of the Elvish city, “Prifddinas,” which boasts being the largest city the game has ever had. Along with this brand new area to explore will come tons of loot, skills, enemies and more!

“Launching the Lost City of the Elves is a landmark in the history of this extraordinary game. We’ve captured the imagination of hundreds of millions of players for the past 13 years, and so many of them have been waiting for this city,” said David Osborne, senior designer at RuneScape.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m heading over to RuneScape to have me one last go at this MMO behemoth…


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