Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition coming soon

After leaked images surfaced on the interwebs earlier in the week, Square Enix have officially announced the upcoming release of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition coming to next gen consoles and PC on October 10.

The game will include 24 pieces of downloadable content which includes Year of the Snake and the horror-themed Nightmare In North Point.


We downloaded the original game as part of our Playstation Plus collection a while ago now and from what I played I quite enjoyed it, mainly because it had that comedy element with the awesome fight sequences. It’s one of those games which would certainly look good on the next gen console and benefit from the 1080p upgrade.

The original game was well received back in 2012 and back when I used to run the game section at the HMV store I worked in, I remember it being a popular title. The follow up titled Triad Wars was announced just under a year ago and has still not surfaced but perhaps the re-release is a tactic to make sure people don’t forget about the franchise.

At the moment, it seems to be popular move to re-release and ‘remaster’ titles for the next gen consoles. But if you already have completed the story mode and have the DLC, will it be worthwhile to purchase the game again?


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