Resident Evil remake on it's way in 2015

If you were sensible and turned on your subtitles for the youtube announcement video that Capcom Japan released then you would have had the full scoop on the Resident Evil remake coming to gamers in 2015.

It will be released on XBOX One, PS4, PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 with no mention of a Wii U version coming out. I feel this could be a shame as the game pad interface could bring some new dimensions to the remake to make it really pop. But alas, the Wii U is not on the list and we can’t miss what we’ll probably never have.


It will be a digital-only release title but will feature some suitably polished looking surroundings and characters to suit the newer gaming systems (not just next gen of course which will get the full 1080p). But in this survival horror game filled world, the remake will have to try to win back the fans who have had mixed feelings of the latter games in the series. But although it’s a remastered remake of the 2002 Gamecube version of the 1996 original, what they have shown us in the preview trailer looks pretty good to me. The difference in the attention to detail should really enhance the experience and make the mansion a much scarier environment to explore and try to survive in.

Capcom has given some more details on what to expect from the game too. Not just the detailing but also a ‘scrolling’ camera which will turn the original games view of 4×3 to a widescreen scale of 16×9. This should mean that is a charcter is moving off to the side of the screen, the camera will pan along with it. There are also control options which allow you to either play using the original ‘tank’ settings or the modern analog. Either way, if you’re not feeling the widescreen or the analog controls, you can switch back to the original game style and relive the horror as it was before. Oh, and there’s 5.1 surround sound support too. Everything you need for a Friday night in, sitting in the dark to immerse yourself in a classic game series.


There is the issue that it could just be another remake to fill the gap between now and the rumored Resident Evil 7 game. With no rough guide price as of yet, it will be interesting to see how much they ask for the download only game. As a fan of zombie… everything, I’m more than happy to give this remake a shot as I never actually got to play the original. With the added bonus of being able to experience the controls as they were, it’s certainly tempting to give it a go.

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