Mario Kart 8 DLC update

Nintendo have officially announced the details of the upcoming DLC content for Mario Kart 8 which will be available in the UK from August 27th.

The free content includes some of the much needed tweaks for the game along with 3 new cars which are all Mercedes-Benz. The latter has left us here at Darkworld Gaming a little divided to say the least.


The new kars (deliberate spelling error there) are the GLA, 1950s 300 SL Roadster and the 1930s Silver Arrow. This will mean something to people who know a lot about cars, but to us it moves away from the classic kart styles the game has delivered throughout the series. I will reserve judgement until I’ve had a chance to play with them but so far the other guys aren’t keen on these new additions. Still, Nintendo are holding a Mercedes Cup tournament from 27th August to 23rd September for anyone who fancies giving it a shot with the new vehicles on offer.


On a more positive note, Nintendo are real fan-pleasers when it comes to listening to feedback from the people that pay out and play. Updates to the game include being able to save your kart settings for you favored set up between your gaming session. This will be handy for those of us who have collected a ridiculous amount of coins to unlock everything and don’t want to scroll through everything to get their preferred set up! There’s also some stat page updates too which show which characters you favour, the number of coins you’ve collected and for those of you with a steady connection, your online play win-loss record.

One thing that always bugged me about the game was the Grand Prix menu between races as ‘Next Race’ and ‘Watch Highlight Reel’ were clearly the wrong way around. This has been noted and the update will switch this two options around so you don’t end up accidentally watch a replay instead of cracking on with the next course. There’s also an opportunity for other user’s highlight reel so you can watch any character or event you choose.


The new kars are the only thing really putting a dampener on the announcement but I’ll give it chance before I have a ‘oh Nintendo’ moment.

Watch this space later in the month for an update/review on how we’re finding it!

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