2X the Velocity! A Velocity2X Preview.

A contact at Playstation Europe kindly pointed out this little gem to us via Twitter earlier. With the games website being updated today with more screenshots and gameplay footage for us to enjoy!


Velocity2X is a new upcoming game by Futurlabs and looks to be a brilliant mix of top down shooter and fast paced platformer with some puzzle elements thrown in. It is the sequel to ‘Velocity Ultra’ and due for release on the 3rd of September on both PS Vita and PS4. Having watched the trailer and some gameplay footage all I can say is that this game looks like it will be a LOT of fun. It seems to be a very fast paced game jumping quite nicely between the top down shooter elements and quickly disembarking to do a platformer section, presumably as the ships pilot.



Footage suggests that throughout the shooter aspect of the game you will reach locked gates, or certain boss fights, where you disembark and do a section of 2D platform gaming which looked very fast paced, with some puzzle elements thrown in with the goal to unlock the gate blocking your path or to either activate a boss’ weakness or even destroy the boss itself perhaps?

Check out the trailer below:


Let us know what you think in the comments below, I for one am very excited about this little gem and will definitely be picking it up on PS4 in September (unfortunately we don’t have a PS Vita… yet!)



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