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Hyrule Warriors – A Nintendo Direct Review

Well its been out for over 2 hours, so I shall assume everyone has already seen this mornings Nintendo Direct broadcast on Hyrule Warriors?! If not, don’t worry it is linked below (pun intended).



This was the best part of half an hour of pure Hyrule Warriors information and hype, and if you weren’t excited for this title before, I’ll be blood surprised if you’re not excited for it after watching today’s Nintendo Direct!

With about half an hour to fill its safe to say a lot of content was covered, and I’ll aim to reiterate some of that in this article for your reading pleasure.  I’ll point out that there will be some minor spoilers if you’ve not seen trailers, played the demo or played Zelda games previously.

I got to play the game demo at Hyper Japan recently, which got me pretty hyped as it was, but admittedly I hadn’t been keeping as up to date with the information that has been showing up over the last few months. Luckily a lot of that has been covered and more today. After a brief section of gameplay footage Yosuke Hayashi, the games producer from Koei Tecmo Games is introduced and goes straight into explaining the game, that it is a cross between the Legend of Zelda series and the Dynasty Warriors series. And being a Nintendo Direct broadcast Yosuke Hayashi goes on to explain, roughly, how the Dynasty Warriors games work and how they have tied in some of the common Zelda conventions into the game – such as items in chests, and the well done music that accompanies opening said chests.

We were then told some of the details about items available within the game. During the demo we got to unlock bombs, which obviously we had to use to defeat King Dodongo, but Yosuke San went on to show us some of the other common Zelda times that have been implemented, including the Bow and Arrow, Hook Shot and Boomerang. These are not ‘weapons’, though some can be used as weapons naturally, but items that I believe every character can unlock and use to get through stages, complete puzzles and defeat bosses! We were shown examples of defeating King Dodongo with Bombs and Gohma with the Bow and Arrows – the second of which had an awesome kill animation when Link finished her off!

Throughout the broadcast, Yosuke San was interrupted by Eiji Aonuma, Nintendo’s supervisor to Koei Tecmo Games on the project as well as the guy in charge of Zelda at Nintendo, these were short snippets of insights to the game and things that have been added to keep the Zelda feel strong. The first of such interruptions was after the items section, where we learned that Cucco’s will be in the game! Similarly to all games featuring them, they will rain death down upon you for attacking them, but seemingly you can use that to your advantage. Other snippets from Eiji Aonuma included: Grass Cutting is in-game, and items, rupees and hearts will be hidden within, Gold Skulltula’s make a reappearance, and it appears that collecting them unlocks game artwork and all that jazz.

When Yosuke Hayashi returned to the screen he did so to go into details on the playable characters, telling us a little about each character and what their primary weapon was (he went into detail on the available weapons later on which I’ll include here to avoid repetition).

Can’t have a Zelda game without Link, so he was first up, primary weapon is sword and shield, while I imagine the Master Sword will be attainable, we saw the Hyllian Sword, the Knights Sword and the White Sword within the video. His other weapons include the Magic Rod and the Gauntlets, which were actually the Ball and Chain from Twilight Princess.

Similarly you can’t have a Zelda game without its titular character (well technically that’s not true, but that’s beside the point), Zelda’s main weapon is the Rapier, but she seems to use a lot of magic attacks in her combos, as well as one of her specials being firing Light Arrows. The second weapon revealed for Princess Zelda was the Baton, and the Wind Waker was used as an example.

Impa was next up, wielding the Giant Blade, a big two handed sword and her second weapon (I think it was her wielding it) was the Naginata, which for those of you not familiar with classic Japanese weapons is basically a katana blade on the end of a long pole! It was pointed out that in this game Impa acts and talks a lot like a Samurai.

Shiek makes a return next. Not a whole lot was said about her, other than the fact she is very fast and ninja-like. Her main weapon is the Harp and a big build up was made as to her true identity, which many Zelda fans will know, but they ‘bottled out’ and said you’ll have to play Hyrule Warriors to find out if you don’t know

Yosuke San goes on to introduce some characters exclusive to single Zelda titles. Starting with Darunia, sage of fire and leader of the Goron tribe in Ocarina of Time, this big guy wields a huge hammer and is your  typical slow-moving hard-hitting character.

Also from Ocarina of Time, Princess Ruto of the Zora and sage of water is an incredibly mobile and fast character, using her Zora Scale weapon she can turn the battle ground to water and dive in and out of the floor to attack from many different angles. (I’ll admit when I first heard she would be in it I was a bit suspicious about how good she’ll be, but she actually looks amazing to play!)

Next up on the Zelda games list was Twilight Princess. Midna makes her appearance now, immediately making me want to replay the game, rides her wolf partner (not sure if it is technically Link or not) and her weapon is called ‘Shackle’ and mostly seems to use her magical hand for grabbing and striking, but not sure if the term Shackle refers to that or the binding of the wolf.

Agitha, also from Twilight Princess, princess of the bugs was next up, can’t say I particularly remembered this one, but it has been a very long time since I played Twilight Princess. She uses a Parasol and summons up lots of bugs to assist her during combos

Our first playable bad guy on the list, from Twilight Princess, is Zant. He looks pretty bad ass dual wielding scimitars and using a lot of his tricky magic to assault foes, not to mention growing really big and crushing them!

The first character from Skyward Sword is Fi, she is a very ‘dancy’ character whose weapon is the ‘Goddess Blade’ so expect her to dance through her enemies and of course occasionally transform into the blade herself.

Second character from Skyward Sword and Second bad guy is Ghirahim, looks just as annoying to the enemies as he was when we fought him in Skyward Sword. His main weapon is the Demon Blade and of course all his confusing spells we know and love…. well hate!

‘Lastly’ is a character new for Hyrule Warriors: Lana. She is a Sorceress of Light and her main weapon is the Book of Sorcery’ but her other revealed weapons were the Summoning Gate, shown summoning a GIANT Cucco and the Deku Spear, which uses Deku Tree magic when attacking foes.

I say ‘lastly’ because clearly another mainstay Zelda character is missing from this list. Revealed at the end of the video was Ganondorf, not a whole lot was revealed, but a lot of footage was shown – he seems to mostly dual wield two swords while casting his dark magics, and I’m pretty sure I also saw him transform into Ganon.


As with all Dynasty Warriors games, two player co-op will be in the game, but being on Wii U there will be no split screen on the TV, instead one player will get the TV and the other the Game Pad screen (Lefranzine will love that) Of course that also means that you can use the Game Pad to play off TV mode to let someone else use the TV for something else.

There was a bit of information on a new power up system – Focus Spirit, which basically makes you better at everything for a short while. We were shown some of the games maps, most locations are based on known areas in Zelda games. We were shown Hyrule Field, Lake Hyllia, Skyloft and Twilight Field.

Another exciting feature was Adventure Mode. Not to be confused with the game’s story mode, this is semi based off of the original Legend of Zelda game. It uses the original games map, still in all its 8-bit glory, as a basis. You start on the same map tile as the original game, and that has a set challenge, you start and get transformed to a Hyrule Warriors style version of that map, and have to compete the challenge – shown was ‘defeat 300 enemies. Doing so unlocks all of the tiles surrounding the tile you just beat. The aim, I assume, is to clear the map, with special items and characters unlocked along the way.

Lastly Eiji Aonuma left us with the Ganondorf announcement, which then went on to include some Costume Pack DLC announcements. If you register the game on club Nintendo between the 19th September and 17th October you will get the Demon King Costume pack, which appeared to be Ganondorf’s appearance from Ocarina of Time. However that somewhat clashes with the next Costume Pack reveal – Ocarina of Time, which showed Link and Princess Zelda in their Ocarina of Time appearances. Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword Costume Packs were also shown, but how to get the game specific ones were not explained, simply stating more information would follow soon.


Well that covers that half hour of Hype!

Let us know in the comments below if and why you’re looking forward to this game!

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