Minecraft: A reader review



So Minecraft, a game I personally have no experience with though my eldest loves it! (I have promised him I will get into this so we can game together.) Now what you are about to read has to say the least put a smile on my face. Jesus (our Jesus, not the Jesus) came to me and said that his 12 year old nephew had been reading our site and would like to put together a review for us on Minecraft. Of course this was a no brainer , so please read below for the awesome review of Minecraft from Christian!


Minecraft: The Highs and Lows

Minecraft has good and bad points I have put together the best 3 and worst 3.

The Good

  1. Multiplayer is great because you can all join the same server and  you can all play all day.  You can work together with friends to make big cities, just watch out for someone “tnting” your world.
  2. Mods, they add loads more to the game, this can be stuff from movies or other games, mods can also make the game harder or easier. The bad thing is most mods are not on XBOX on Playstation.
  3. It’s fun for all ages, anyone of any age can have fun with the game and you can also make up your own games while inside the game.


The Bad

  1. It is too easy to get stone. No one ever chops wood as all you have to do is dig down to get stone. Making wood almost pointless. Iron is a little harder to get which is good.
  2. Enemies strange difficulty, Ender dragons are really hard to kill, but zombies and spiders are too easy. Can there not be something in the middle?
  3. The sound!!  All the sounds are bad and the same. It’s so hard to get new music. Why do I have to do special things to get a new song and when I do it’s not worth the effort!


I will give it 8/10. Its easy to pick up and play. Then keeps you coming back for more


By Christian Morgan

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