Mortal Kombat X – Sub-Zero “Classes” Revealed

In an apparent attempt to shake up the long running series, NetherRealm Studios have released images of three variations of Sub-Zero from the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.

The idea behind these images is that you can play the same character, in different ways and play styles.  Each build is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. I’ve posted the images below, so you can have a good look for yourself!



The Cryomancer build allows for the creation of ice weapons and has been hinted to be leaned heavily towards hard and fast impact fighting. I can only imagine how awesome some of the fatalities will look when they are being hammered/stabbed/impaled/drawn and quartered by a weapon conjured out of pure ice…





This is a build for the more conservative player who wants to freeze his opponent in his tracks and counter hard hitting and fast moving opponents, like Baraka. The ability to create an ice shield to reduce damage and also to freeze enemies on the spot could be a good build to run with if you are new to Sub-Zero and his play type.




The grandmaster build grants the ability to summon ice “clones” which can improve trapping abilities and build combos. These “clones” can also be used as projectiles. To me, this seems like a very stripped down Sub-Zero and not one I feel I would have a lot of fun running as…


With great change to a gaming franchise, comes great controversy.  I for one am left wondering whether we are seeing the dilution of a great skill. Being able to string all of the above abilities together in a cohesive fashion could have led to some incredible fights and memorable destruction of opponents (or vice versa in my case).

Has Mortal Kombat X lost its path to the hard core and are the treading too close to “Casual Fighting Game” territory?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. As a big fighting game fan, but not so much a Mortal Kombat fan if I’m being honest, I find this quite an interesting idea. Quite often players are initially drawn to characters for aesthetic reasons, and sometimes off of that, the way their moves look. Or sometimes just because they watched a pro player dominate at an online tournament and want to ‘be that guy’

    I myself have often found myself drawn to certain characters, decide I want to play them, I like their moves, I practice and then I go online, look up some guides on how best to play the character and everyone says ‘oh you can’t play her as a rush down character, she is a zoning character, if you rush down you’ll just lose’.

    This leaves me the choice of either changing the way I enjoy playing this character to improve chances of winning. Or finding a character more suited to how I like to play.

    If NRS pull this new feature off it could change all that. (Bear in mind I don’t know which characters are good at what aspects of the game for this analogy. But if I really like the look of how Reptile looks, like his moves and what not, but it turns out again that Reptile is traditionally a zoning character, with this new feature I might be able to change it so I can use a more rushdown based sub-class which would likely buff the types of move I prefer using with him rather than the zoning moves. (I’ve no idea if Reptile is/has been a zoning character – just an analogy)

    Between the 3 ‘big’ fighting games (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken) I’ve found that Mortal Kombat does seem to experiment more, sometimes those experiments flop, but sometimes they can work. For the most part Mortal Kombat 9 was considered one of the better ones, certainly recently, in the series and X looks like it has a lot of potential. I see promise in this announced feature, if it is done correctly.

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