Hyrule Warriors – Nintendo Direct

Hey gamers, Or should I say ‘Hey, Listen!’? Lots of Wii U owners are already very excited for the September release of Hyrule Warriors. Myself even more so after getting to play the demo at Hyper Japan (see Lefranzine’s write-up of that for more information).

Quite a lot of information on it has been starting to float around recently, but only if you know where to look. But fear not, next week Nintendo are presenting, directly, a Hyrule Warriors specific Nintendo Direct!

Hyrule Warriors Direct


Tune in at 07:00 (UK Time) on Tuesday the 5th of August (though it is also being streamed at 04:00 from the US Nintendo Site). If 07:00 is too early for you, be sure to visit Darkworld Gaming where I will do a write-up of the information contained along with links to the YouTube video once it is uploaded by Nintendo.

Link to YouTube:
Link to Nintendo of America livestream:

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