Xbox Games with Gold August 2014

August is nearly here and that can only mean one thing for Xbox players! New free games with gold. There well be two games being released on each console this month. Xbox One will see 2 games available for the entire month whereas Xbox 360 will get 2 games split over the month. So what have they got in store for you?


Xbox One

Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon

This was originally an Xbox One launch title and is the successor of the good old Panzer Dragoon saga. The game is an action packed rail shooter set in a stunning fantasy world. You will have the choice of six magnificent dragon steeds to choose from and can also have up to three other players for some Co-op good times. If you enjoy a good soundtrack then this game is set to blow you mind. The setting is of a science fiction universe where humans have recently inhabited that is populated by dragons (if you hadn’t already guessed). The game has received mixed reviews but when it’s free you really can’t complain!

Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suite Zero: Directors Cut

In this title you take on the role of a pilot of the titular suit, flying it around like some kind of badass in epic space battles. One of the cool points about this title is that you are only a small part of these battles, with huge ships shadowing over you, and your objectives within them clearly defined – but it’s up to you to accomplish them as you see fit. With beautiful ship design, gigantic battles, and a huge assortment of weapons and enemies to deal with, Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut gives space-sim fans on Xbox One plenty to get your teeth into.

Strike Suit Zero is from the independent game developer Born Ready Games, and was originally a Kickstarter project.

Xbox 360


Motocross Madness

Available Aug. 1-15, The first Xbox 360 release is Motocross Madness where you get to slam around the dirt tracks and mud pits of the imagination. You will be racing against the clock and other racers and this is just a small part of the game, as you’ll be able to perform tricks, smash though obstacle courses, or just rag your bike around some huge maps and do as you feel. Asynchronous multiplayer via social networks means you can involve your friends, even if they’re off doing something else while you’re playing. Superman like a boss!



Available: Aug. 16-31. Now this is the game that all 360 fans will be awaiting to download. If you love Steampunk, Action and Stealth than look no further. You play Corvo, erstwhile bodyguard of the Empress, turned assassin. Your job is to protect the princess, take out the bad guys who are trying to take over the Empire, and do it all undetected.  (easy right?) To assist you in this adventure you will have a massive arsenal of weapons, gadgets and even magic! The great thing about this game is choices. You will have multiple ways of taking on the tasks and it is up to you to decide how you want to proceed but just remember running in guns blazing is not always the answer (I did say stealth was involved). Personally this will be the game I am awaiting. I do love a bit of stealth play.

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