Good Things Come in Threes: Street Fighter Edition!

We’ve got not one or two, but three Street Fighter news stories for you this afternoon! (Don’t we spoil you?!)

First off, for those of you who have already enjoyed the latest Street Fighter live action video joy that is Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, well done! You’re probably the kind of people I’d like to be friends with. For those of you who haven’t, fear not, it’s not too late to be worthy of my friendship 😉 You can check out episode 1: Beginnings below:

I strongly recommend you watch the whole series as soon as you can. And once you do, not only do you become worthy of my friendship, but you can immediately get excited by our first two bits of news today. Firstly director Joey Ansah has announced over the weekend that they have been given the go ahead for a second season which is already in the early stages of development. Street Fighter: World Warrior is set for initial release sometime late 2015 or early 2016 and will feature more characters from the World Warriors story arc such as M.Bison, Guile, Chun-Li and Sagat.

Secondly, back at MCM Comicon in London that Lefranzine and I attended we had the pleasure of watching a panel on Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. Where Joey Ansah announced that there would be Blu-Ray and DVD releases later this year. Today Capcom UK announced that there will also be a Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-Ray, which is available to pre-order on amazon now for release on October 27th.

Our last Street Fighter news tidbit follows on from yesterday’s announcement at San Diego Comic-Con that Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono announced that Ultra Street Fighter IV would be getting new downloadable summer vacation outfits later this year.  At the time all that were visible was some grainy pictures people had taken from the screens, but Capcom have released official screenshots of the new costumes which can be seen below:

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If you’re a Street Fighter fan I’m sure you’re about as excited as I am for all of this, if you’re not, well, you should still be rather excited!

And don’t forget, as we mentioned on our Facebook post over the weekend, on 8th August when the physical, and PC, version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 releases Capcom are hosting a USF4 launch event at Xtreme Gaming.  I’ll be there, dressed as Akuma and showing of my Street Fighter skills as best I can (I’ll be getting as much practice in as possible between now and then!) So get down there if you can and come say hi!

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