Resogun: The Review

resogunLike us, quite a lot of people will go out, spend their hard earned money on buying a new next gen console and then be a bit short on cash for starting their game collection for their new console. This is often where the ‘Indie’ games can often come into play. In the past these have been small games, with lower end graphics, while still being quite a lot of fun. But now with the next gen consoles, is the graphics still an issue on these games?


We got our PS4, it came with Infamous: Second Son and we soon picked up a cheap pre-owned copy of Warzone. But we soon went to the PS4’s Playstation Store, to see what games were available, and more importantly, were cheap! We soon stumbled across Resogun, which had been suggested to us with much praise from a family member at Playstation.


Resogun is a voxel based side-scrolling shoot ‘em up game from Finnish indie developer Housemarque and is a PS4 exclusive currently on sale for £11.99 – and that is £11.99 well spent in this players opinion!


The visuals on this game are insane! Side-scrolling shooters, and top down shooters (being similar/same category) often can have quite good graphics, because they’re not always the most intensive games for hardware to process, this was even true of Ikaruga on the Gamecube way back when. But Resogun goes further and is truly stunning to watch and play.


Rather than scrolling through a level like most similar shooters, in Resogun each level is a circular city, and is introduced with the games computer voiced narrator telling you to ‘save every last human’. The premise is to survive, while racking up points, upgrading your weapons and to save the humans trapped around the city, to do so you must destroy all of the ‘Keepers’ who spawn, follow a set path in and off of the screen before they disappear. Doing so will unlock a random Human from their cage, who you must pick up and drop off at one of two points. Failure to do so will leave the human who that group of Keepers had the key for to die. Once all the humans are saved or dead, namely once all the groups of Keepers have been and gone (or be destroyed) the end boss of the level will soon spawn, destroying them will cause ‘Armageddon’ and the end of the level.


The premise of the game is nice and simple, its very easy to pick up and play and, unlike many games of today, you can easily pick it up just to play a level or two when you’ve got a spare few minutes while you’re waiting for someone to get ready or for dinner to finish cooking or whatever.


The standard game features 2 game modes, Single Level and Arcade Mode, as well as a create-a-ship mode, where you can design your own ship, assign it one of the 3 gun setups and distribute its stat points as you see fit – and can even download ships other people have made – and people have made some stunning ships already. My favourite player made ships being the N64 logo and Portal’s Companion Cube. But there are 2 more game modes available as a DLC, with more on the way if you purchase the Season Pass.


The controls are nice and simple, the left stick controls where you fly, while the right stick dictates if you’re shooting left or right and the shoulder buttons/triggers control the bombs, overdrive and boosts etc. With 4 different difficulty settings to play through there is quite a lot to keep you going, I’ve just about managed to complete arcade mode with no humans lost on Rookie, but the next step up people start dying quite often, and I’ve yet to try either of the 2 difficulties setting after that. But then I’m not a hugely experienced player of this genre, with Ikaruga being the last shooter I played properly – and that was quite a while ago!


If you’re looking for a great game you can just pick up and play, that doesn’t hurt the bank too much, I’d highly recommend Resogun, the graphics will blow you away, and there is definitely a whole lot of fun to be had in this little gem.



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