Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood DLC Exclusive



Well hello to you all!

It has been revealed that there will be an exclusive DLC available for pre-orders of Batman: Arkham Knight at Gamestop.

The “Red Hood Story Pack” will bring the Vigilante Red Hood from the Batman series as a playable character. This will also feature a number of exclusive single player missions. With this pre-order you will also be getting the Harley Quinn story pack which bundles another (Well loved) character and four challenge maps

Currently the Batman: Arkham Knight game will be hitting Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms in 2015

Red Hood is a mysterious villain that’s been reinvented multiple times throughout Batman’s lore. He began as the Joker’s identity back when he was a petty criminal before he fell into a vat of acid and came out looking like a killer clown (a look he really grew into, wouldn’t you know). Red Hood is most prominently featured in the fantastic animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood, where he’s a crime-fighting vigilante who isn’t afraid to kill Gotham’s most despicable criminals.

I am loving the look of both of these characters and I know that our own Franzine has been getting quite excited about this up coming release… I wonder who will be reviewing this 😛

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