The Evil Within coming sooner than expected

Happy Monday to you all!

Hopefully you are all as excited about this game and if this is the first you are hearing about it then shame on you!

The Evil Within is being developed by Shinji Mikami who is best knows for being the creator of Resident Evil (Personally one of my favourite game series) The game itself is being labelled as a return to the true roots of survival horror and this feels me with so much joy. I still remember playing the original Resident Evil and that moment you first find Kenneth (Remember that walk round the corner and the scary head turn!!), not going to lie I was pretty young and watched my dad play this title originally and it scared the pants off me but at the same time I was hooked and have been ever since. This title is being published by well know Bethsda Softworks .

The title was originally set to be released on October the 21st this year but has now been brought forward to October the 14th (Yes I am currently doing a happy dance)

All I have to say is if you don’t think the idea of a new survival horror game is that appealing… Then just look at the images below.




See what did I tell you, it’s hardly My Little Pony is it. Keep your eyes to the news as I will be going into this game in more depth soon.

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